Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why Kona?

Lisa and are going to Kona, Hawaii in less than a week. We have decided to join Youth With a Mission. YWAM is a mission organization that began 50 years ago out of Los Angeles and now has bases worldwide. One of their biggest bases is in Kona, Hawaii. The base also doubles as a university called University of the Nations.

Lisa went to visit her friend Stephanie in Kona last summer. When she got back she claimed that we were "suppose" to move to Kona. I was like, "Sure we are." Besides, why would I want to leave the South Bay and go to Hawaii. Torrance is 1,000 times better than Hawaii! Is there a Bull Pen in Kona? No! Is Burnout beach in Kona? I doubt it. Is there a Redondo Pier in Kona? Lisa wasn't able to find one. Is Kona known for its beautiful weather and a copious amount of parks? Once again, that is Torrance!

I believe my response to Lisa was, "If we are suppose to move to Kona then the Lord will show me a double rainbow." I don't know why I said it. Either way, a few days later I stumbled upon a double rainbow. I couldn't help but think that maybe we were going to move to Kona.

After a trip to Haiti and to Kansas City, a few visions, a couple of "random" events, etc. we decided that we felt God was calling us to join YWAM in Kona. (It is kind of a long story... maybe I will write the full thing out one day).

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  1. Lisa looks very sexy in front of that fiero...too sexy. I would advise you to take that down or every yoohaw will be gawking and drooling at sweet little innocent Lisa.