Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving,Foundations, Shenanegins

Hey All,
Happy Thanksgiving!

We have had a plethora of speakers the last several weeks. I would like to highlight a teaching we received on foundations from Don Gillman. A foundation is what we use to determine morality, decision making, etc. Basically, Don went through different foundations we have, and what our foundation should be. Here are the different foundations. Rationalism: we rely on logic (this would affect areas relating to faith). Empiricism: we base our perception of reality around how we feel. Authoritarian: we are affected by what people in power think (think of getting pulled over by a cop when we have done nothing wrong yet we still freak out). Cultural: we base our understanding of what is right or wrong on how our culture does things.

The Bible should be our foundation. We should determine what is right or wrong based on it, not on how we feel, what we understand, or what anyone else tells us. Anything we decide should line up with it and if doesn’t we should not be doing or supporting that thing (whatever it is). If you feel like God is telling you to do something but it is totally irrational, such as quit your job and join a mission organization, make sure it is really God, make sure it is biblical, and then do it.
There are a lot of ideas floating around there as to what it means to be saved. Some people “feel” (empiricism) that they might be a good person so heaven is owed to them. Or they might rationally deduce that they will inherit eternal life because they go to church a lot (or because they give big tips). The Word of God says that if you “confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and if you believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9). Even still, you may have believe and confessed but there are nagging thoughts that state you are not saved, then that is probably not God’s voice. That would be the not so sweet voice of condemnation and “there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh but to the Spirit” (Romans 8:1). My point is not to preach at you all but to give a simple and practical example of having a biblical foundation. We allow ourselves to be ruled by ideas that flow from our emotions or own rationality and we miss out on the truths that are available to us in the Bible, and it can have some severe consequences.

Lisa and I are doing really well. It is really strange that we are here in Hawaii training to be missionaries. One year ago we had no idea that we would be doing this. Living here has had its share of challenges (let’s face it, we are surrounded by 18/19 year-olds), but all in all we feel that God called us here and that we might be here for a while. Preparations for Brazil are coming along rather nicely. Believe it or not, we will be there one month from now (you better believe it). Community outreaches have been going well. We have seen a broken leg healed, a blind eye opened, encounters with some crazies that are able (somehow) to quote scripture perfectly (yet manage to completely twist it), and most importantly a few people committing their lives to Jesus.

We hope your Thanksgiving goes well for you. We really, really, really wish we could be there with you all (last year we were in Haiti).

Please pray for:
1) Grace and mercy in our marriage
2) More of Jesus in our lives (He makes everything way better)
3) More salvations, healings, deliverance!
4) Curitiba, Brazil: For unity of our team.
5) Pray for finances to come in.
God’s richest blessings on all of you. We pray that His peace would be in your hearts, no matter what you are facing, and that you would find rest in Jesus.

Morgan and Lisa Keach

PS Thank you Steven Sanchez for the AAAAmazing lion’s head ring (I will post a picture next time).
PPS Matias, enjoy the snap button denim shirt that you “borrowed”( I am sure Jess will learn to love it) I am sorry that I tattled on you to mom.
PPPS Congratulations Ian on winning a trip to Oahu for the Pipeline Masters. The Turtle Bay Hilton looks ridiculous (you are blessed).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Greetings, family and friends!

We have just completed week 5 and are amazed at how quickly our time is going by. The week began splendidly with a celebration of our 2nd anniversary. How time flies when you are having fun! It may be that most wives think this, but I married THE most amazing man (other than Jesus, of course).

One night a week our whole class goes out on a community outreach. Basically we go on a “treasure hunt.” For those of you that don’t know what that is, here it is: We break into small groups and pray. We ask God to lead us to a particular person He wants us to talk to, pray for, etc. As we pray the Lord will give us words or visions, such as “green Polo shirt,” “Mike,” and “Bongo Ben’s,” though it’s not always that clear. The group will then head over to Bongo Ben’s looking for a guy wearing a green Polo shirt whose name is Mike. It’s totally awesome and super exciting when you find the person and minister to him or her! We also just walk around waiting for the Spirit to lead us to someone random. We have talked to and prayed for some pretty lonely and lost souls (alcoholism, drug abuse, homosexuality, domestic abuse and teen pregnancy are rampant on the island) and also for people with sicknesses and injuries. This past Tuesday I approached a woman on crutches. The moment I mentioned the word prayer a look of disgust flashed across her husband’s face and he said, “No, we’re okay,” and they walked away. I found myself feeling a bit hurt and realized that it was not because I got rejected, but because the look on the man’s face showed how hardened and disgusted he was by the things of God. If only he REALLY knew our God! I prayed for them anyways. On a different outreach night we felt led to talk with a young local man, Keoni, who was hanging out on the seawall with a group. All of the guys in the group left when we came up because they knew us as YWAMers and one of them even advised Keoni to “run!” It was the same guy that exclaimed, “God’s claimed all the hot chicks!” a few moments earlier. Anyways, we asked Keoni his name and asked him a few questions about himself. He was very obviously high on drugs and even proceeded to complete a drug deal right in front of us. We asked if we could pray for him and if there was anything in particular he wanted prayer for. He said, “To turn my life around.” We began to pray for him and in doing so felt that we were suppose to give him a demonstration of God’s love, so we told him to pray for the Holy Spirit. We led Keoni in prayer and afterwards he said that he felt “lighter.” It was obvious that he was having a hard time articulating his feelings, most likely because he was high out of his mind. Still, a seed was planted!

In regards to our outreach in Brazil, we are still waiting on the details. We are all getting super excited though because it is less than two months away and will be there before we know it. We have a really amazing team that gets along really well and all are just on fire for the Lord! It is so cool to see each person growing and being stretched as each day goes by. Some of the kids here (I say “kids” because we have people as young as 17 years-old on our team. We range from 17 – 40 and represent 11 different nations!) have just amazed Morgan and me with their desire to lay down their lives and go and do WHATEVER God asks of them. We have a real team of warriors!

As always, your prayers and support are so deeply appreciated. Our weeks are long and exhausting. The Enemy has been attacking from every angle possible. We will continue to fight the good fight and know that your prayers are fueling our fire. PLEASE continue to pray! Here are some prayers points:
1) That God would pave the way for our time in Brazil.
2) For grace and mercy in our marriage.
3) For physical and spiritual health.
4) That the Lord would reveal Himself in a mighty way to Keoni.

To Him be the glory,

Morgan and Lisa