Thursday, January 6, 2011

We have arrived!

Oi, tudo bem? (Hello, how are you?)

We are here in Curitiba, Brazil. Things are a little hectic here right now. The base we are at doesn’t have internet so I we will try to do a post as often as possible. I will try and post some pictures next week.
The JOCUM (YWAM) base is on an old farm about thirty minutes from downtown and a 20 minute walk from a little village.
The base is nice but the people who work here are a little less than pumped to receive us. Over the last ten days we have gone out of our way to serve and bless them and they have warmed up to us. It’s cool to see how serving people softens their hearts.
We recently connected with a Baptist church in the city that wants to use our services to evangelize the community, serve at an orphanage, and fire up their congregation. That will start Saturday night.
In the meantime we have gone into the local village to try and connect with the people. The first day was really successful. We handed out chocolates to children, started soccer games, and started conversations with people. Crowds of people were drawn to us, so we performed skits and prayed for people. Half of our group got invited to the house of a man who just had heart surgery. As we prayed for him he and his family began crying. Some of our team received prophetic words and the people were very touched. They invited us back to the house and wanted to go the church that we will be working with.
The next day all of the girls on our team, except one, went back to the village for a little follow up. All of the guys, except one, stayed and prayed for the girls. The girls reconnected with some of the women of the village who were glad to see them. One lady shared a testimony of how after we prayed for her she was filled with such peace that she slept better than she has for years. As the girls walked back to the base they felt a strange creepy presence as they walked by a particular house. They heard the sound of a dog yelping violently, and than it went silent. Our translator, Cristina, heard a man tell some kids to clean up the dog´s blood. Weird! Later that night as we left to go to the Baptist church we found a box in front of the gate. We opened it up to find a dead dog. We pushed it to the side of the road and went our way. We brought up the dead dog and the story the girls told us to Flavio, a leader at the base. He told us that in the village there are numerous houses that practice witchcraft/black magic. Flavio speculated that we probably made some of the black magic practitioners nervous so they either attempted to curse us or scare us off. It is weird to think that this stuff really goes on, but it does. Oddly enough this morning as we were outside cleaning Lisa happened to glance at the gulley right next to the entrance. In the gully were three abandoned puppies (they were alive). Someone left them hoping the base would take them in. I don’t want to over spiritualize anything but I felt like the Lord was telling us that He has our back.

Prayer requests:
Opportunties to demonstrate Jesus in the village
The anointing of the Holy Spirit as we minister with the Baptist Church.
Protection from Satan
Unity for our team
For Lisa, she has been getting headaches everyday.

Thank you all. We pray that things are going well for everyone at home. We miss you guys.

Morgan and Lisa Keach

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  1. Can you please bring me back one of those puppies? Than again, they won't be puppies anymore...Torrance weeps for his (I picture Torrance to be more of a masculine figure, a distinguished chap in a turtle neck and blue trousers)favorite son and daughter...but not,a sadness weep, but tears of joy for the good things the Keachs are doing in the World. Love you two, xoxoxox Edfactor.