Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Heading home...

Friends and Family,

We just rounded out our final week of ministry, and boy, oh boy, did God move.
We worked three days with Patrick’s church (his web site is We went to its Sunday service, which was really wild in a good way. Our team performed a song, a skit and a testimony. A Gypsy woman and her English friend (visiting missionaries) gave testimonies, Pastor Luis (one of the chiefs of the Tirena tribe) preached, and some Evangelical nuns prayed for us. It was a great time.

We also worked with the Baptist Church three days. We were given an opportunity to present a program to students at a public school in a dangerous area of the city (we didn’t find out how dangerous it was until much later). Over a period of two days we performed 10 forty-minute presentations to about 500 students. God moved powerfully as we performed skits, dances, and gave testimonies. After each presentation we invited the students up for prayer. At first not many students wanted prayer, although many had been moved to tears during our presentation. That all changed when a couple of girls came up for prayer and passed out under the power of the Holy Spirit as we prayed for them. One of them began manifesting demons, we cast it out and the girl gave her life to Christ. After that we had a lot of students coming up to us for prayer! Several students made commitments to live for Jesus, even more re-committed their lives to Christ, we saw a few healings, and led a number of students through prayers of freedom/deliverance (a lot of guys struggle with alcohol and drugs and a lot of girls we prayed for dealt with suicide issues). Thinking back on this I find it humorous that our most powerful time of ministry, or at least the visibly most powerful time, took place at a public school. God is amazing.

We are wrapping up our time in Brazil this week by having a few days of de-brief. Lisa and I will be home the 7th through the 14th of March. On the 14th we will return to Hawaii to staff a Disciple Training School called Asia/Pacific DTS.
While we are home we would love to see people. There is going to be a yummy BBQ going on at the Keach residence on Sunday, the 13th, at 2pm. If you can make it, please RSVP to Berndog @ (to ensure we have enough food). Otherwise, we will be going to King’s Harbor Saturday night service. Thank you guys sooooooo much for the financial support, all of the prayers, e-mails, etc. We have been greatly encouraged by our friends and family during this season.
When we get home I will post a blog with some of the statistics from this trip (salvations, healings, re-commitments, etc.). I will also figure out how to post all of our pictures from the trip.
Deus e Bom (God is good)!

Morgan and Lisa Keach

Please pray for:
traveling mercies as we fly home (we fly home the 6th).
spiritual protection for us and our team.
our fellow students to stay strong in the faith when they go home.
our time home with family and friends (wahooooo!).

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  1. Hi Morgan and Lisa.......... what a great time we had together... was a real privilege to meet you guys! God bless Sherry Robinett! By the way guys our website is (not .com) stick encontrocomdeus into Facebook comes up with ourlatest photos too...
    May the Lord continue to use you guys mightily!
    Love to the team, Patrick