Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big News!

Dear Friends and Family,

Things are really moving here. We just spent a week learning about the Kingdom of God, and studying worldviews. The speaker, Don Stephens, made a statement that Chris Cannon often makes: “Ideas have consequences!” Don went through several worldviews (Modernism, Post-modernism, communism/socialism, Islam, Gnosticism) and shared the consequences of these views. It painted a grim reality that we are seeing all around us. Don explained the Kingdom of God in such a way that challenged us in how we live and preach the gospel.

Lisa and I are gearing up to lead a team to French Polynesia. Please pray for us as there are many things we need. 1) Jodie, a Chinese girl on our team, has to travel to San Francisco to get a visa. Pray that she gets all of her necessary paperwork. 2) That we would gather more information from our contacts in Tahiti. 3) For unity in our team as we come together. 4) For our fundraising efforts (we need to raise $5,000).

Also, Lisa and I have a special announcement to make. There will be an extra person joining us on the outreach. Lisa is PREGNANT! We have teased you many- a- time dear reader, and for that I apologize, but this time it is for real. As of this day, May 29th, Baby Keach is almost six weeks brewing in the baby kiln. Often people wait until the third month to share the news, but we felt it was important to share with all of our friends and family so that you can all be praying for us. Lisa would greatly appreciate the prayers! She has begun to notice many a weird phenomena occurring in her body.

We want to thank all of you for your prayers, financial support, Facebook messages. We are so encouraged and blessed to be related to and to be friends with all of you. May the Lord bless you and keep you and shine His face all around you.


Morgan, Lisa (and Baby)

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

DTS Begins!

Greetings from beautiful Kona, Hawaii!

As I was walking from one end of the campus to our home I was taken aback when I saw a huge, bright rainbow. As if a ginormous rainbow isn’t stunning enough, a second rainbow appeared just above it. As I stood looking at these two rainbows the school was having its weekly community church service and the worship band was playing the song “Majesty.” The scene was awesome. In that moment I felt the Lord confirm His calling on our lives, and an excitement for who our God is and how incredibly great He is filled my heart.

Things have been going really well for us over here. We have been in Hawaii for over a month and the DTS is officially under way. We have 20 students from seven nations. It is a diverse and eclectic group. We have two families that came over together; both of the husbands work together for a successful business out of Indianapolis. We have a girl from China that was raised Buddhist; a girl from the outback of Western Australia (Kalgoorlie); a couple from L.A. that literally just got married; several Korean girls; some Canadians; and a 63 year-old jazz musician from France (who is, right before outreach, marrying a Brazilian woman that works for YWAM).

The last three weeks of teaching has been great. Loren Cunningham taught us this week and wrapped up on Friday with a powerful message on denying our rights, taking up our cross, and following Jesus (check out his book “Making Jesus Lord”). We have also had teaching on hearing God’s voice, and experiencing God’s father heart.

We appreciate all of your prayers. It has been a busy week and it will be busy for the next several months. We are currently going from 5am to 8pm five days a week, sometimes six days a week. It is good because all is centered on Jesus, but it sure is draining. We desperately need prayer as we go full throttle these next five (close to six) months. Especially as we navigate some tricky waters such as planning an outreach, getting all the needed visas, praying and counseling people, working within a team, etc.

Please pray with us:
1) That we would take the time to rest in Jesus.
2) For our marriage.
3) For protection and safety of our staff and students.
4) For our fundraising efforts.
5) That we would cultivate thankfulness and belief in our lives.

We are so privileged to be here. God is so wonderful and we pray for more of Him in your lives.

God bless,

Morgan and Lisa