Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Adventuring with God

About a month ago Lisa was praying and felt God tell her that we were to go to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri during the DTS we are staffing. She told me what she heard, so I prayed and asked God for some dates and I heard “go June 3rd to the 10th.” I didn’t quite believe it. It seemed odd to leave in the middle of DTS and go to Missouri of all places. Lisa was convinced of what she heard and asked the Lord to confirm it, which the Lord did. We then told our leaders, and after some prayer they too felt we were to do this.
We bought tickets and left it at that. We made no plans what so ever. I just felt like I heard God say “leave it all to me.” On Wednesday, the 1st of June, some students in our class gave us $500 cash because God told them to. So we rented a car for KC. On June 3rd we set out for Kansas City not knowing why. I admit I was a little bummed. My friend, Brian Williamson, was getting married that weekend in Torrance. Also, my good friend Esteban Sanchez and his wife, Michelle, are moving to Dubai soon so I really wanted to go home to see them. Not to mention that Lisa is pregnant and I didn’t think we would get to go home to Torrance any time soon. I was thinking, “Lord, why can’t we just go to Torrance, why Missouri?” But I love hearing God’s voice, and that means obeying God’s voice.
We got to Kansas City and picked up our rental car, which was upgraded free of charge! We headed to the house of prayer. We got there and hung out in the café attached to the prayer house. We decided to look up hotels on the internet; all of the hotels in the area were booked up. We weren’t frustrated or nervous, we were just tired and wanted to find a place to crash. We figured if God called us out here then He has something for us. Just when we were at our weariest a lady walked by us in the café. I had seen her before. Her name was Molly and she had done a DTS in Kona back in September. I walked over to her and reminded her of who I am and told her our dilemma. She lives in KC and began going through all of her numbers trying to find us a place to crash. A lot of people that live near the International House of Prayer (IHOP) rent out basements to visitors. We got connected with a lady that was willing to rent out her basement to us.
Hannah Popa, a friend of ours that went on outreach to Brazil with us, ‘happened” to be in KC at the same time. She was traveling with a family from Michigan. It was really cool seeing our good friend. It was even cooler that when she left, she told us that her friends had rented out a two story duplex directly across from IHOP for the whole week and they wanted us to stay in it for free!

The rest of the week was great. God spoke to us about trusting in Him, faith, obedience, and we got tons of rest. Lisa’s friend, Este, lives in Kansas City and Lisa’s other good friend, Julia, “happened” to be there too, so Lisa got to see some good friends. We also got some information from The Big Guy (Jesus) on Thursday night by way of a dream about our future.

Friday the 10th we set back out for the airport to fly back to Kona. The flight had been delayed which meant we were going to miss our flight from LA to Kona. As I spoke with the gentleman at the ticket counter I caught on to what The Big Guy was doing for us. Could it be possible that He was giving us a couple of days in Torrance? The guy at the counter said there was no way we were going to get back to Hawaii from LA on Friday. So I said, “Great, get us home on Sunday.” I must admit that I was so happy that I had a bit of a weep in the men’s room.

We got to spend two nights in Torrance. It was amazing! Sorry if we didn’t contact anyone, but we felt to just take it easy. We got to see a lot of Esteban and Michelle before they go off to UAE; we got to spend time with my folks; and a “chance” meeting with Nancy McCandless confirmed what God spoke to us Thursday night about our future. The verse “seek first his kingdom and all else will be added to you” came to mind. How wonderful is our God? He is so exciting, and so worth our time.
On Saturday night as we drove down Catalina Ave after a stroll on Torrance Beach we were struck by what we are giving up. We love the South Bay. I mean, we LOVE it! We love California, we love our pals, and we love our folks. We love the comfort, the convenience, but we love Jesus so much more. The song “He gives and takes away” came to mind (which kept coming to Lisa’s mind all that week, but she wasn’t sure why). The reality of possibly raising our kids somewhere else, away from friends and family became very real and not romantic to us.
It was an exciting week where God showed Himself faithful and completely out of the box. We love this God we serve, and we are thankful to have gone on such a journey with Him. And that journey continues…

We pray this letter finds you well.

Morgan and Lisa Keach

ps pray for us: for our outrach team to be filled with a passionate desire for Jesus, for God to make a way for us in French Polynesia, etc. etc. Thank you very much!

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  1. Wow! So happy to hear the story about what brought you out to KC! You guys are so adventurous in Jesus! May He continue to lead and guide you in wonderful ways! Bless you guys!