Saturday, July 9, 2011

This "ain't" Club Med!

We are in Tahiti, but this isn’t Club Med. Things were crazy before we left for Tahiti so I wasn’t able to send out an e-mail. We have been here for one week now. We have been staying in a little village named Papeari and we will be there for three weeks. We are staying at a church that has some rooms, a kitchen, and some cold showers for us. I didn’t realize it could get cold here on the islands but… it does. We have been doing the usual YWAM stuff: mime skits, dances, painting kids’ faces, etc. We will be working with the youth while in Papeari doing kids clubs, as well as some local outreaches. The church is down the street from a HUGE Mormon temple. Mormon temples are all over the place here. Most people think it is the same as Protestantism… which of course it is not. We are spending the weekend near the big city of Papeete. There is an outreach to teens at the McDonalds. We will be giving some testimonies, a skit, and some dances. We are staying in the homes of two ladies that are sisters, Henriette and Yolande.. This morning we spent a couple of hours worshipping in Tahitian, French, English and Korean. The house we are at has a million dollar view of a surf spot and the island of Moorea. It is quite breathtaking. We are doing well. We are adjusting well to the Tahitian culture. The food in particular is amazing, not to mention the sights. Lisa has been feeling nauseated quite often and is having a little bit of a hard time, but she is doing well. The Tahitian women are treating her like a little queen: feeding her, not allowing her to walk or carry things, and prohibiting anyone from massaging her (according to the Tahitian ancestors it causes the baby to come out early). Please pray for us for the following: 1) Our time in Tahiti to be fruitful. 2) Unity for our team, especially amongst the leaders (we are co-leading with an 18 year-old girl). 3) God to direct us and to provide for our team. 4) That we would be sensitive to the Tahtians, and respectful to their culture. 5) For Lisa and our growing baby. 6) Pray that we will take more pictures (we are not very good about that). 7) That finances would come in. (We ask that you please prayerfully consider supporting us either monthly or with a one-time contribution.) Special shout out to the O’Briens and their new baby girl, Birdie(?)! Thank you all so much for your prayers, and support. We love you all and miss you guys so much. We are so blessed to be doing this, and incredibly thankful. Jesus is always victorious! Muruuru (Thank you) Morgan, Lisa and Baby Isa 60: Arise and shine for your light has come...

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