Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We're Really Cookin'!

We are well into week 4 here and things are really cooking. We spent three weeks working with a Full Gospel Church in Papeari. Papeari is a small country town at the basin of a valley. Papeari means “Water Wet” in Tahitian, and it rains there a lot and is actually kind of cold. We did several community outreaches where we invited young people to come and hang out with us. These were very successful. After the first one the young people began coming over everyday to hang out with us. Relationships formed pretty quickly. There was some resistance as the local Mormon missionaries began coming over to check us out. We didn’t argue with them, but only loved them and invited them to hang out with us on their day off (which was our way of tempting them since they are not aloud to go to the beach, go swimming, or do anything fun on the during their mission). One of the Mormons, a 19 year-old from Arizona, admitted that it was kind of a “drag” being a Mormon missionary because they are not allowed to do much. Could you imagine being in Tahiti and not being allowed to go in the water? A sad moment occurred when we witnessed and helped break-up a fight between the church caretakers (whom are husband and wife). The husband, William, beat up his wife, Olivia, pretty bad. She went to the hospital that night. We were all a little surprised when he checked her out of the hospital and brought her home two days later. In all honesty they are not completely sane. They were homeless and on drugs a few years ago. They have very sweet hearts and are hungry for the Lord, but are definitely a work in progress. The church has separated them and checked them into a Salvation Army counseling program. It was very sad and very disturbing. On a positive note, we saw several healings, including a girl that had a hole in her heart. We had a bit of a scare with the baby (Lisa had lots of cramping and some spotting), but we got to go to the local OBGYN and have an ultrasound done. Everything is as it should be and we are relieved. We got to see Baby’s feet, fingers, knees, elbows and head. We are currently in a city called Taravao working with an Assembly of God church. We are running a week long mini-DTS for forty people aged 13 to 26. Lisa, me, and our students are taking turns teaching on a number of subjects. I taught on how to know God’s ways yesterday, and Lisa taught on God’s plan for our lives. After Lisa taught we had a time of ministry which was very powerful. Brent (one of our students) and I were used to bring deliverance to an 18 year-old kid, which lasted almost 2 hours (it was pretty heavy). The guy got free, and we are all stoked. Things are really cooking here for us. We are thankful for all of your prayer and your support. Please continue to pray for us: 1) For wisdom, patience, etc. as we lead 2) For Lisa and the baby growing in her 3) For God’s guidance and power 4) For unity for our team 5) For our team as we teach this week 6) For healing for Morgan’s back, which is out of whack. Once again thank you all so much. We are so blessed and privileged to be here ministering. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank You to Jesus. In Jesus our Lord and friend, Lisa, Morgan, and Baby PS I got to surf a pass at a place called Tiarei (or something like that) on my day off. My friend, Poi, and I took a boat to the pass. We surfed head high waves over razor sharp reef, and than road a jet ski back. It was amazing!

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