Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wow, we left Kona only one week ago. Seems longer ago, but this week really has gone by fast! Tahiti is a beautiful place. There is only one main road around the entire island, so you look to the amazing turquoise ocean on one side and lush, green mountains on the other. The people are what I am most taken by though. The Tahitians may be the most hospitable, kind, loving, generous and warm people I have ever met! Still, this place is in desperate need of Jesus. Other than the strong religious spirit and disunity among the Church there are the usual island problems of drug abuse, domestic violence and kids living on the street. The Lord has already opened many different doors for us to minister and we are super thankful for the privilege to be here! The couple that takes care of the church grounds, William and Olivia (they are in the team picture with us), came off the streets three years ago. They were strung out on drugs and had all four of their children taken away. They have been joining our team worship and intercession every morning and though they speak only Tahitian and French the Holy Spirit has really been ministering to them through this time and there has been great breakthrough!

I will admit that outreach is a bit tougher this time around than when I WASN’T eleven weeks pregnant! I am just more naturally cautious now in regards to the food I eat, the water I drink, traveling methods, etc. In addition, I haven’t been feeling so great and have had to rest more. A few days ago I confessed all these fears and worries to Him and I heard Him say that Baby will be fine, so I will trust in that. Besides, as Morgan mentioned in the earlier post the Tahitian women are treating me like a princess because of Baby. They always want me resting and eating and don’t like me to have to walk anywhere (I’m really going to have to watch that baby weight while I am here!). Morgan and I have been joking about what a warrior this baby is going to be. He/she will have traveled to at least three different countries before even coming out of the womb! Baby will be use to cold showers (that’s what we have here), cockroaches (a HUGE one crawled up my pajama sleeve while I was sleeping the other night……uugh!) and extensive travel (at least 18 airplanes before he/she is out!). Again, it is a privilege to be here and we will stand firm as a family. Please pray for us! I am attaching a video from our time at a nearby community center. Some of the children have been taken away from their parents because of abuse and some just spend the day there while their caretaker is at work.

Glory to Him,


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