Saturday, August 20, 2011

We've Got "Followers!"

A lot of hang abouts:

Last week’s mini DTS went well. We saw major breakthrough as the week progressed. By the end of the week the students were dancing around the church going crazy for Jesus. We ended the week with worship on a plateau overlooking the island. The Holy Spirit was very present as the students cried out to Jesus. We felt to give an opportunity for students to dedicate there lives to Jesus. All of the students gave there lives to Jesus. We then prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill the students’ hearts. Students began laughing, crying, and some began prophesying over other students. Our host, Niuhiti, said she had never seen this happen at a church camp in Tahiti before, only at her YWAM base in Sydney Australia. Praise Jesus.

Since then we have moved to three different locations. As we have moved to these different locations some of the youth and some youth leaders from the church have followed us, and participated in the ministries we are working with. They are all young men, aged 16 to 30 (and one girl). Everywhere we have gone the boys follow us, set up their tents, pull out their guitars, and hang with us. It has been one of the highlights of our trip, not to mention it is visible proof that we are making a difference here.

Also, we just got back from an outreach at the opening ceremony of the Billabong Pro in Teahupoo. Some of the top surfers from around the world are here to compete in a big wave competition. In the morning we were praying for the surfers and one of our students began praying for their safety. I confess that I began criticizing her prayer in my head because I knew the contest didn’t start for another day. When we got to the ceremony we found out that one of the pro surfers was in the water that morning enjoying a surf when a shark almost bit off his hand. The shark barely missed him.

Things are good with us. Lisa’s stomach is growing everyday it seems. She is now four months pregnant, but everyone says her stomach is big for four months. I like to tease her and say that we are probably having twins (you never know). She has a tough time every now and then. Mostly because she is on a small, faraway island during her first pregnancy and misses family and friends (and Mexican food), but she knows this is where God has called us to be at this time and she finds hope, peace, and strength in that.

Thank you for your prayers. The grace of Jesus has been with us and we can feel His presence. He is speaking to us and moving in the lives of our students.
Please continue to pray for us.
1) For our baby to continue to grow without problems.
2) For our team to grow in passion for Jesus.
3) For wisdom as leaders.
4) For open doors for ministry.

Thank you all so much for all of your support. We love you all very much. Lisa particularly misses you all…and Mexican food.

In Christ,
Morgan and Lisa

PS It is kind of sad that when I talk to people and tell them that I work for a missionary organization they think I am a Mormon.

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  1. Awwww....grace and strength to you, Lisa! I'd love to see a picture of your growing belly! May the Lord be so near to you at this special time yet so far from the familiar.