Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tahiti Final Thoughts, DTS graduation, New Zealand

“Before you guys came I thought that only special people could hear God’s voice, only pastors could pray for the sick and evangelize. But now I know that I can hear God’s voice, heal the sick and evangelize. This is the message my people need to hear”. This is what JJ, a young Tahitian guy, told me before we left his beautiful island nation. JJ represents, to me, a nation that is hungry for the deeper things of God. There has been a lot of religion in French Polynesia, but the people are wanting something more.
We were surprised by the darkness that surrounds Tahiti. There is a lot of incest, family feuds, mormon temples, rape, and a lot of witchcraft. I was so surprised by the darkness that permeates the honeymoon island of Moorea. There is a sadness that rests on the place. But God is doing something special in this nation. Four guys are planning on doing DTS's and two girls. Two boys started a prayer meeting at there high school that is growing.People got healed, saved, delivered. It was pretty awesome. God is on the move!

When we got back to Kona the gears changed rapidly. We were the last team to return. We had teams in Japan, India, Papua New Guinea/Palau/Guam, and of course us in French Polynesia. We began de-briefing our students by processing the experiences they had. It was so encouraging hearing the stories of miracles, salvations, struggles, and changed lives in the different nations. It was also great seeing the change in some of the students. Some of the students literally looked different. Some looked happier, some a little underweight (they went to India), some looked overweight (they went to Japan), some seemed more mature, and some much more tan (we went to Tahiti!). DTS is a powerful tool to help people meet God and go deeper. I am surprised at how Jesus uses these six months to totally change people. Pray about doing one!
It was bittersweet as we graduated our students. These were people we spent 3 and six months with, and shared life changing experiences with. We had a lot of tearful goodbyes. One thing that I learned from Phd Timothy D. Beck (aka Dave) is that you need to fully invest yourself into every relationship. It sure makes some painful goodbyes, but it is a sure sign that you invested all that you could into that relationship, and it was what Jesus did.

All in all I feel that Lisa and I were able to live up to the vision God gave us. Our desire is to teach young people (or anyone) to know God in a deeper way than they already do. Whether it is to hear God’s voice, to pray and worship, principles of spiritual warfare, gifts of the Holy Spirit, etc. We were able to impart what we have learned to our students, and to several of the young Tahitian boys and girls. It is so exciting to teach someone to pray for the sick and to see them do it and get results. Or to hear God’s voice and than they share with you all that Jesus is speaking to them. What a privilege we have.

We head to New Zealand on Monday to meet with our Asia/Pacific staff for meetings, planning, and vision for the future. I will explain more later. Please pray with us:

1) Thank God for all that he has done in Tahiti, and in the lives of our students
2) For God’s grace as we travel to New Zealand
3) For finances to come in for our NZ trip
4) For our baby boy as he develops in the womb
5) And for God’s grace to keep going. We are kind of tired.

Thank you all so much for your prayers for us. We are fully aware that all of the breakthrough that we experienced is a result of all your partnering with us in prayer. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With love,

Morgan Keach


We just got back from the island of Raitea. Four Tahitian boys came with us. We stayed at an AOG church which has no pastor for five years. Satan shows up as a divider of houses on this island, there is no unity here.
I felt the Lord say to do a corporate fast for three days in order to see Him work miracles. So we did that, and did 2 prayer night watches. We went around the island praying for the Marae's (altars), including Taputapuatea (where the polynesian religion spread around the world). It was a really dark and creepy place. We got Joshua 6, the Walls of Jericho. We marched around the main altar and shouted after the 7th time. The boys marched around a seperate altar, which we found out was the place where they sent the warriors out from!
We did some evangelism at the airport, worshipped at the harbor, the beach, the mountain overlooking Tahaa and Bora Bora, and did alot of prayer.
The church had us do two services for worship and prayer, the people in Raitea are hungry for God. One day people showed up to the house to ask for prayer. It was really nice being able to pray for people all day.
One night Brent (a student of ours), JJ (Tahitian boy), and I prayed for a woman with stomach cancer. As we prayed she began weeping violently, she told us that as we prayed she felt fire burn in her stomach.

We sent Bo Ram (a student) with two Tahitian boys to the island of Tahaa (15 minutes by boat) after we prayed and felt only they were to go. They somehow met the ex-mayor of the island who drove them around the island to Marae's and high places where they worshipped and prayed. They were dropped off at the AOG church where a member drove them around to peoples houses for prayer. People were blessed, many of them cried, as they ministered to them. The people in Tahaa are hungry for God.

On Saturday night we got picked up and were asked to pray for a 27 year old guy with bone cancer. When we got there we found out the family is Mormon. They were a little shocked when they saw twenty evangelical/pentecostal christians come over. We had Roic ( Tahitian guy) play worship as we began praying. We all began praying, shouting, speaking in tongues, pulling things off of him in the spirit, commanding things to leave, all of the usual things you do. The family looked very uncomfortable. The young guy said that as we prayed for him immediately his headache left him (which he says only leaves with the help of drugs), and that he felt fire burn through his bones. We prayed again and spent some time giving him words. Hallelujah!
It was a fun and fruitful trip. Alhtough we rarely had water at the house which made things stinky, and a little dirty. It was worth it.

Lisa, Morgan, and Baby boy Keach

Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Fish

Twenty-five. That’s how many airplanes we have been on since this adventure started last September. Twenty-seven. That’s how many times we have packed and unpacked all our belongings this last year. This past year has been amazing and God has shown us His faithfulness time and time again and for that we are thankful. He has given us grace that we could not have done with out. Hallelujah! We have been to some beautiful places; met beautiful people; and have been part of bringing His kingdom to earth, which has been such a privilege. BUT, we are exhausted! This is not a complaint, but simply a fact. We have gone non-stop this past year and I have been pregnant for almost five months of it. It would be a lie if I said that I didn’t want to head back home to my family, friends and all that is familiar in Torrance after this. Morgan and I have prayed and asked the Lord if we can go home for my last trimester and have the baby there, but He has very clearly said no. It was a bit heartbreaking for me. Something else He has been clear about is that not only are we not to head home to LA, but we also are NOT suppose to head back to Kona and settle in after this last week of outreach is complete. He is now sending us to New Zealand for three weeks. I fought it and fought it, but He has spoken and Morgan and I want nothing more than to live in His will. SO, we go back to Kona on Monday to complete this DTS and graduate our students and then we get on another plane and head to New Zealand exactly one week later. Our entire Asia-Pacific staff (we have schools in Kona and NZ) is meeting there to strategize and pray to hear God’s vision for this upcoming year. After spending these last ten weeks traveling around the French Polynesian islands we KNOW that the people here are hungry and ripe and the Pacific is about to be set on fire! From this outreach alone there are two Tahitians heading to Kona next month for DTS; two in the process of completing their applications for January; and a handful more that are in serious prayer over God’s plan for their lives. The whole focus of Asia-Pacific is to raise up Pacific islanders and send them out as missionaries….it’s happening. Thank you, Jesus!
As we are wrapping things up here in Tahiti Morgan and I are living in the present and at the same time praying into the future. The life we are living is definitely one of dependence on God and His provision. He has been faithful to provide for each and every feat He has called us to and we know He will provide for this one. The Lord reminded Morgan of a story from Matthew 17. Jesus told Peter to go fishing and that the first fish he caught would contain the money that he would need to pay taxes. We feel that God has told us to “go fish” and that one “fish” would provide the finances we need for the New Zealand trip. This is us throwing out the fishing line, so we are asking that you would please pray and ask God if YOU ARE THAT FISH!
We love you and are truly thankful for your support this past year. Please keep us in your prayers and be sure to let us know if there is anything we can be interceding for on your behalf. Be filled with the peace and joy of Jesus!


Morgan, Lisa and Baby Boy Keach