Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Round

Swimmers take their places for the 2012 Iron Man Triathalon

The DTS has been underway for several weeks. God has been moving powerfully in the hearts of students and staff alike. After the second week of teaching, on Worship and Identity, 18 of the 23 students decided to get baptized. It was a very powerful witness to the redeeming power of Jesus. It was around the Iron Man (this is the yearly triathlon event held in Kona) weekend, so a large number of Iron men and their families watched as our students made life commitments to Jesus.
1,000 staff and students worshiping Jesus!
Students will go on outreaches in December to Fanning Island (onboard the El Encuentro), The Caribbean (they will fly to Grenada and jump on board the Caribbean Link), and to the Amazon!

Holy Ship!
In just one day we were given three boats! Isn’t that incredible? One is a sail boat that has been used by YWAM for the past decade or so in the Caribbean, and it was given to us a as a gift! Totally free!
The second is a twenty some odd foot sailboat that will be used as a training vessel in California.
The third boat has been pledged to us. A gentleman, who has a heart for the Pacific, asked if he bought a boat for us would we use it to train and to work in the Pacific? Amazing! All three of these boats were offered in one day! It all came about on the graduation day of our School of Navigation and Seamanship. When you obey the Lord, He blesses! Sometimes it is that simple.

Two bits of Exciting News!
They asked us to co-lead a January Ships focused DTS here in Kona! We will do it, but Lisa will take a limited role because…

Our Reaction to the news!
Lisa is pregnant! We are really excited. The Lord spoke to us about this a little while back (a story for another blog post), something took place, and next thing you know Samuel will be a big brother! The Lord told us the name and the gender of this baby after He told us what Samuel’s name would be, but… I want you to practice hearing God’s voice too! Ask Jesus what the sex and name of the child is. Let us know what you hear. If you get it right we will send you some coffee or macadamia nuts (for coaching on hearing God’s voice, revisit some older posts).

Samuel taking rest between spoonfuls of food!

Please pray for us!
1)      Unity, and organization for our new staff team
2)      More staff for our January DTS
3)      Finances
4)      For the little baby growing in Lisa’s belly
5)      For Samuel as he crawls and develops

God Bless,

Morgan, Lisa, Samuel, lil baby

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Students Come, Students Go, Students Come

Hello dear friends and family,
1 Thessalonians 5:16-19 Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Do not quench the Holy Spirit.
The Students of the Asia Pacific DTS celebrating at graduation
After a long day of travel Lisa, Samuel and I got back to Kona! I want to share a brief report on what God is doing here.

Asia and Pacific DTS:  We saw teams arrive back from China, Papua New Guinea, Saipan, Tahiti, Fiji, San Francisco and Thailand.
There are many exciting stories from outreach but I want to share one in particular. One of our students went to San Francisco to try and get a visa for Tahiti. She got denied, so decided to stay and work with YWAM San Francisco for the summer. One day as her and a co-worker were walking to Chinatown they noticed a homeless man lying lifeless on the sidewalk. Our student happens to be a doctor, so she checked to see if he was breathing or had a heartbeat. He had neither, he was dead. They decided to pray for him. As they prayed for him the man began breathing again.  He was fully resuscitated. Jesus brought him back from the dead!
Special prayer request: One of our students, we will call him Larry, is in need of prayer. Before coming to DTS he had got into trouble with the police. He had been selling, and using, hard drugs. During DTS Larry had met with Jesus in a powerful way and received a lot of change in his life. The man he is today is not the man he was 6 months ago. When Larry goes back he will have to face the music and appear before a judge. Larry has plans to go to a School of Biblical Missions in Maui in late September. Pray that the judge has mercy on Larry, and that Larry will withstand temptations to go back to any old habits.

OC Ships: We have begun planning for our next DTS that begins late September. So far there are 23 students from the US, South Korea, and many European nations.  We are expecting more! 
Some Exciting News! Brett and Karen Curtis, the leaders of YWAM Ships OC, left for  England. Why? They are going to look at a ferry boat that might be our first major ship. As I write they are “inspecting every inch of the vessel” to determine if it is what we will need, and if it is in good enough shape to purchase. If it is, then we will need to raise the appropriate funds, and then some of us will head over to England and sail it to Orange County!

Samuel is good. He has begun crawling. Everyone loves him here. People always want to hold him, he is all to willing to go with anyone he sees! Samuel is a total blessing and is bringing us great joy.

Please pray:
1)      For our students to return home confident and remain steadfast in their faith in Jesus.
2)      For Brett and Karen to have wisdom and discernment as they look at the ship.
3)      For our new staff team to bond well and to walk in unity.
4)      For the perfect car for our family.
Sam standing in his crib. I didn't catch him in time!

5)      For our hearts to be filled with gratitude

Thanks for praying! God bless.

Morgan, Lisa and Samue

Friday, August 17, 2012

Two Weeks Left!

The Family at the Beautiful Redondo Pier!
Hello all,

Lisa, Sam and I have less than three weeks left in California before we head back to Hawaii. It has been fun spending time with friends and family. We were fortunate enough to take a road trip north to San Francisco to see my brother, sister in law, and niece. It was fun watching Samuel and Lola (our niece) interact; they are about the same age. It was also good to hang with my bro and sis-n-law whom we haven’t seen much of in the past few years. It was a total blessing.
We also got to visit Pastor Dave Beck in Sacramento. Dave and his wife Susan helped mentor us, they taught us a lot on how to have a healthy marriage. It was fun hanging out, watching the Olympics, joking with there sons, touring Sacramento, and eating ice cream.

Heading Back: When we head back to Hawaii we have a lot of work ahead for us. We will begin preparations for the next Discipleship Training School (DTS). This will include administrative work, prayer meetings, coordinating speakers schedules, praying about outreach locations, attending training seminars, and lots of prayer meetings (we think prayer is important!).  The school will start Sept. 27th.
This is the YWAM mercy ship"Pacific Link" based in Australia

I am attaching a link to a video that promotes the ministry we work with. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Please pray for us for:
1)      That the remainder of our time in California will be restful, and fruitful.
2)      For us to get airline tickets back to Hawaii (they are currently very expensive)!
3)      For the right students to be drawn to our DTS this September.
4)      For our marriage.
5)      For Samuel to continue to grow and be healthy and happy.
6)      For all of our needed finances to come in.

Thank you all so much for your support, we are truly appreciative. If you have any prayer needs feel free to email us at It would be our honor to pray with you.
Morgan, Lisa, and Samuel

Samuel loves eating Yogurt!

Friday, July 20, 2012

We are home!

Samuel at the beach in Hawaii!
We are home! It has been nearly two years since we set out! We have been back in the South Bay for a couple of weeks now. It has been great seeing family and friends, showing Samuel off to everybody.
I just want to give praise to God who showed us so much mercy and grace as we took our first flight with Sammy.  Out of the womb, anyways (he went on eighteen flights in Lisa’s belly). He didn’t cry once.  In fact, he slept most of the travel time.
We will be home until the end of August. We are hoping to reconnect with so many of our friends and family members while here.

DTS: The Asia Pacific DTS students are all out on outreach. We have heard some cool testimonies already. The team in Saipan prayed for someone in a wheel chair, who then got up and walked! Jesus, you are amazing!
Honestly, it was a difficult DTS in many ways: it was bilingual; it was hard balancing a busy schedule, a new baby, and a beautiful wife but we did it by God’s grace. By the way, the teaching was some of the best I have ever heard. We are so blessed to be doing this! One good tagline: “You can’t walk on water if you don’t get out of the boat.”

Please pray for our students who are out in Tahiti, Fiji, Saipan, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, San Francisco, and China.
Samuel and Aunty Elyse

El Encuentro: the Encounter
OC Ships:  We are officially working for YWAM Orange County (but out of Kona, Hawaii… for now). We launched our first boat (we believe God will provide many more) Tuesday the 17th into the water in Newport Harbor. The El Encuentro is a 59 foot twin mast sail boat that was gifted to us earlier this year. It will be used to disciple people in the ways of sailing and to lead teams into the Baja Peninsula to reach out to Mexican fishing villages. We have a team from our School of Navigation that will be taking it into Baja in September.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and encouragement for the last two years. We love all of you so much, and we pray for you guys with joy in our hearts.

When we look back we are amazed at how God has provided for us, used us, and of course, taught us.  We have so many cool stories of God’s greatness, it is hard for me to express in writing all of the cool things that He has done in our lives. We are appreciative and humbled by His grace.
Please pray for us as we are home:
1)      That Lisa and I would remain passionate for Jesus
2)      That Lisa and I would communicate well with each other
3)      For Samuel to continue to grow strong and adjust to all the changes
4)      That we would make the best use of our time here
5)      For our prayer and financial support base to widen
Sammy and his cousin Lola
Well, we hope to visit with you while we are here.  We would love for you to meet the newest addition to our family!  Samuel is a real joy!!

In Christ,

Morgan, Lisa, and Samuel Keach
Samuel doesn't like avocado!

Lisa, Sam, and elephant seals

Monday, May 14, 2012

Some of the Ways God Speaks

Some of the Ways God Speaks (Once again largely lifted from Donna Jordan’s manual):
God Speaks to us in a number of ways. It is not our job to tell Him what to say or how to say it. It is our job to tune into the right frequency, and to obey what we hear. Below is a list of some of the ways God speaks.
1)      God speaks through the Bible: Duh! It is so important that we are reading His word with the Holy Spirit (always invite the Holy Spirit to interpret the book that He inspired). Anything that you ever hear should affirm, and not contradict the bible. For example if you hear “Steal that money from your boss” you can probably guess that is satan, because it is clearly stated “Thou shalt not steal”. The Lord has much to say to us through His word.
2)      Inner witness of the Holy Spirit: If you feel a peace about something than you can know you are in God’s will. But if you are doing or saying something and that peace departs than it is probably not God’s will. Someone may tell you a lie, and you feel a sense in your spirit that something is not right.

3)      Through the inner voice of the Holy Spirit: There are many situations for which the Bible does not give you an answer. For example. Whether you should marry a particular person, whether you should be a lawyer or a teacher, where you should live etc. The still small voice… the gentle whisper (1 Kings 19:12)  a) is not audible to human ear  b) is heard in the area of your thoughts of your mind and spirit c) might include thoughts placed in your mind, giving your spirit a deep peace.

4)      Through visions: A personal, pictorial presentation while you are awake. Through visions God often reveals hidden truths. You should present the eyes of your heart to God to see what He will show you. All visions should be tested against the word of God.

5)      God speaks through dreams, but not every dream is from God, you must use discernment.

6)      He speaks through an audible voice: Usually as an attention getter.

There are a whole lot more for example He speaks through: Angels, the gifts of the Spirit, leadership, songs, hymns, instruments, other people, feeling and emotions, principles of scripture, and through creation.

God is speaking all of the time, we need to learn how to tune into His frequency, test everything, and make sure we are in His Word (the bible).
Let us try another exercise
1)      Silence the other competing voices (out loud)
2)      Ask the Lord for the grace to hear Him
3)      Ask: Lord what hinders me from hearing you?
4)      What did you hear? Sense? See (vision)?
5)      Respond to what God showed you.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A New Thing

Last week Derek Schoenhoff taught our class on the nature and character of God.
Derek’s parents joined YWAM in the 70’s after they had spent some time learning from Francis Schaeffer in Switzerland. Francis Schaeffer wrote the book “How Then Shall We Live?” (an amazing book!) He was a theologian, philosopher, and social thinker that challenged the ideas of the day (counter culture, modernism) and exposed them for what they were. Check out: for articles and mp3’s of some really good material from Schaeffer and others like him, as well as for more information on Schaeffer and his ministry and its legacy (very inspiring, and challenging as we face even greater struggles in our day).
We saw much breakthrough in the lives of the students as Derek barraged them with the truth of who God is.                                                                
Our staff also prayed and heard from God as to our outreach locations for this year: Tahiti, Samoa/Niue, Fiji (and outer islands), Saipan, Papua New Guinea, China/N. Korea, and India/Thailand.
Lisa and I will not be leading a team this summer, because we felt God leading us to come home! We will be home at the end of June, all of July, and leave at the end of August.
We will come back to Kona but not to work with Asia-Pacific DTS any longer. God has been speaking to us about a new thing. We feel that God is leading us to work with YWAM Orange County… but out of Hawaii. It is a long story (one for another day) but YWAM OC is pioneering a boat ministry that will minister in the Pacific (among other    places). For now they feel to tie in here with YWAM in Kona, but eventually we will shift to the OC. I will explain later why it is out of the OC, how Kona fits in, and the kind of boats we are looking for.
Thanks so much for all of you prayers, and support. We love you all and are excited that we might see many of you soon.
Please continue to pray for:
1) Our health (we have been getting back pains, colds, etc.)
2) For wisdom as we disciple students from diverse backgrounds
3) For Samuel that he will continue to grow and develop as he should
4) For us to grow in our relationship with God and each other.
5) For our students to hear clearly from God as to what outreach location they should go to.
6) Do you have any prayer requests? Feel free to contact us.
Lisa, Morgan, Samuel
PS I will write a post below on STEP 2: Hearing God’s voice. 

Hearing God's voice part 2:

Once again I want to highlight how to hear God's voice. I am borrowing this from Donna Jordans manual on "Listening to God". Hearing God's voice is basic right of every believer. John 10:3-4 "The sheep listen to His voice. He calls His own sheep by name, and leads them out... and his sheep follow Him because they know His voice". It is very important to have the mindset that 1) He speaks and 2) He wants to speak to you (in fact I believe he is constantly speaking we just aren't plugged in, tuned in, the power is off, and the antenna is down).
It is also important to realize that while listening to God there are other voices out there. I will highlight four voices that you may hear. We must silence three of them in order to get to the Gold.
1) Our own voice:  We must silence or die to our own imaginations, desires, and burdens, giving them to God.
a) 1 Peter 5:7 Cast your burdens on Him because he cares for you.  Come to Jesus and give Him all of your cares, worries, and anxieties.
b) When speaking to a friend we are focused, and our minds are not wandering. Neither should they be when we are listening to God. You must learn to quiet your thoughts, and emotions.
 Prayer: In the name of Jesus I silence my own voice, emotions, and desires help me to hear only you voice! I give you all of my fears, burdens , etc. (be specific, and pray out loud!)

2) The Voice of Others: Parents, teachers, media, friends, but we should only look to others as much as they look to Jesus and His Word. Often times we are asking God what we should do in a situation, and you cannot help but wonder what your friends would think if they saw you do this or that. 
Prayer: In the name of Jesus silence the voice of all others that might ring in my head and try and influence. (Pray outloud)

3) The Voice of the Enemy (Satan):
James 4:7 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.
The key is to be submitted to God, than you have the authority to resist the devil and to send him packing. Our enemy is a deceiver, but when you here the enemies voice it either 1) Won't line up with scripture.
2) There is a "check" in your spirit.
or 3) It causes you to fear
Satan can quote or misquote scripture in order to get you to act in haste.
Prayer: Lord Jesus I submit myself completely to you. In the name of Jesus I command satan and demon powers to be silent, amen.
4) The voice of God: This is what we need to hear more than anything else. Not just for the answers to our questions, but because it is the relationship that must precede every relationship. As a warning there is  a great responsibility that goes with hearing His voice, ask God for the grace to listen and to obey.
Hearing God's voice is not a gift but a skill. Hearing is all by grace, through faith, and he gives grace to the humble.
Hearing God's voice will change you life, but it will cost something. Seven years ago a huge desire began to grow in me to hear God's voice and to become closer to Him. I began to position myself in a way that I could truly hear His voice. I began praying, reading His word, hanging out with men and women that lived this lifestyle, fasting, and I separated myself from things that held me back. It became my passion. I was so thrilled when I began to recognize His voice. My prayer is for you to hear his voice, but you need to desire it and to go after it.

I will write two or three more posts with 1)the ways God speaks 2) Hindrances to hearing His voice and finally 3) Principles to hearing.
I will leave you with an exercise: 1) Silence the three competing voices in Jesus name (out loud). 2) Tell Jesus that you love him three times, out loud. Did you hear Him respond? What did he say? Trust that the voice you heard was His (unless you heard something creepy). Now tell Him you love Him every morning when you wake up.

Thanks. I truly hope this helps you in walk with Jesus.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Can you hear Him?

Week 1

How to Hear God’s Voice:

“There are many believers, but there are few disciples” was a comment made by our first week's speaker, Donna Jordan. Donna is a woman in her 70’s that has been working in YWAM since the mid-70’s. She started out as regular ole’ housewife that was living a casual or “lukewarm” Christian life. Through a series of events she and her husband got a serious desire to know Jesus better. Long story short God called them to help pioneer the YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii and have been working with YWAM ever since. Donna travels the world speaking on “How to Hear God’s Voice.” She is a sassy grandmotherly woman that is kooky, straight forward, and very much anointed. She was a real pleasure to listen to and to learn from.

I will include some of the principles of hearing God’s voice in the coming weeks. She has a manual and if you are interested in getting a copy I can get one to you, just let us know.

On Thursday the 5th the campus welcomed 400 students from around the world. Our class, Asia Pacific DTS, welcomed 32 students from South Korea, China, Malaysia, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, USA, Vanuatu, Germany and Haiti. Students are very eager and excited. We have students from all walks of life: a Korean family living in Michigan where the husband is an architect; a Micronesian girl whose parents are missionaries in China; a video game designer; a young American hair stylist ( I think her parents made her come); a guy who is out on bail; a barista; some house moms; several university students; etc.

Samuel is doing fantastic. Samuel is growing bigger day by day. Today he is three months old. He is making baby babble, laughing, smiling, sleeping through the night, rolling onto his back from his stomach, and is the source of a lot of joy in our house. He loves being held by just about anyone who is willing to hold him, which is a lot more people than mom is comfortable with (give her a break, she is a new mom). Everyone says he looks like mom, but I think that is only because he cannot yet grow facial hair.

GOOD NEWS: Lisa, Samuel, and I will be coming home at the end of June! We will most likely be home for 6 weeks or so. We prayed and felt like we weren’t to lead an outreach. We also have an exciting change in direction that we will announce on another one of these posts. Hint: It involves YWAM, boats, and a new location (actually, maybe several locations!).

Please be praying for us. As our school walks in new things, as we face new ministry opportunities, and not to forget our new role as parents we are facing opposition from the devil in ways that are hard to explain and hard to shake off. In humility we ask that you please pray for:

1) us to grow closer to Jesus

2) our marriage

3) wisdom as we raise a little baby boy

4) unity in our school amongst the students and the staff

5) our finances to come in

Thanks and God Bless.

Morgan, Lisa, Samuel

PS In the next several posts I will include principles to hearing God’s voice. For more clarity feel free to write us. This is something that has dramatically affected the way we live our lives, and relate to Jesus and others.

Principle 1: Relationship with God: Four levels

Hearing God’s voice has to do with relationship with Jesus. The depth of relationship will determine how well you hear. In other posts we will talk about what the other voices are out there, and the ways that God speaks to us.

1 Academic: 1 Cor 1:18-31. A lot of people know a lot about God, but don’t actually know him. “Intellecet give information but the spirit gives revelation”.

2. Casual-lukewarm: Rev3:15-22. Often times we go through the motions but are not very passionate about Jesus. We might go to church but don’t spend time thinking about Jesus, much less spend time with Him.

3. Growing-Hungry for More- Thirsty:

Psalm 107:8-9, Isa 55:1-3, John7:37-38 This has a lot to do with making Jesus LORD of your life. You realize how good he is and want more of Jesus no matter the cost. It is crucial to make Jesus LORD of your life if you want to 1) grow in hunger/thirst, and 2) hear his voice.

4) Intimate: Nothing else matters but to be with Jesus and to please Him. You realize that He is speaking to you all of the time (I will go over the ways that he speaks later). Intimacy is about friendship with the one who created you.

Which one describes you? Where do you want to be? How can you get to the next level in relationship with Jesus?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Babies First Outing

Samuel had his first outing after a week of being around (sorry for the lapse in communications, things are different now). We took him to hear missionary to Africa, Heidi Baker, who was here speaking at one of our schools. For those of you who have never heard of her, she and her husband have a very fruitful ministry in Mozambique, Africa. She is commonly known for her unorthodox preaching and unusual miracles that occur when she ministers. She spoke at our weekly open air Thursday night meeting, which was a real treat. She also spoke at one of the sessions for all of the DTS's. I only mention this to highlight a fun and unusual miracle that occurred the day she spoke. The kitchen was preparing cookies for the DTS snack break when they realized they didn’t make nearly enough. There are 500 students on campus, plus staff, plus people from the community came to hear Heidi preach. The kitchen made close to 500, but were probably 300 short. Inspired by the multiplication of food miracles of Jesus, also a common feature of Heidi’s ministry (check out her book “There’s Always Enough”). The kitchen prayed that the cookies would be multiplied. Heidi spoke, the students went to break and lined up for cookies. My friend, who knew of the shortage, looked aghast as she saw students taking 3,4, and even 5 cookies! My friend was sure that the cookies would run out before the line was even half emptied. But a miracle occurred! More students went through, each taking handfuls of cookies, and yet the pile didn’t seem to decrease. Finally, break ended, the students sat down, and there was still a lot of cookies. My friend tried to give them away, but students shook their heads, “No way, man, I already had three… I’m stuffed.” So why would God multiply cookies? Why would I bother even telling this tale?

I tell this story for two reasons:

1) God is great. He cares not only for our great needs, but something as seemingly trivial as cookies.

2) Our son gets to spend some of his most formative years in a place where these kinds of miracles are an everyday occurrence. What an honor and privilege!

Things are going really well for us

here. Samuel is growing daily. He just graduated from newborn diapers to size 1. Lisa and I have been joyful, yet humbled, by the challenges of being new parents. We have a new appreciation for our parents!

Our school is coming up again in April (time moves so fast). It has close to thirty applicants so far and it will be bilingual (English/Korean). The applicants are from countries like: Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, Haiti, Korea, China, Ghana, Nigeria, Japan, Tahiti, etc.

There are very few Americans or Canadians. It should be an interesting school.

Thanks for praying for us, reading our blog, and supporting us financially. It means so much to us.

Please pray:

1) For Samuel, that he would grow strong, breastfeed well, sleep and nap well.

2) Grace for us as new parents

3) That our school would get more male applicants

4) For unity for our school leadership

5) For God’s provision

Thanks and God Bless,

Morgan, Lisa and Samuel

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Samuel?

In an age where people are naming there kids super hip names like “Rory”, “Kingston”, “ Malibu”, “ Mason”, “Raleigh”, “ Shiloh”, :Tigre", “ Stintson” etc. we decided to ask God what our sons name is. In fact before we ever conceived, or even thought about it Lisa came up to me one day and proclaimed “ I was praying and I feel like we are to have a boy and his name is Samuel!” I was little shocked and to be honest a little annoyed. The only person that I could think of named “Sam” wasn’t exactly the world’s greatest role model. So I shook it off, hoping that we could forget the whole thing. Sure enough I was praying, the thought about a son named Sam came to my mind, and so I decided to ask God if it were true. I felt directed to a certain book of the bible “I Samuel”,,, of course. So I conceded to God and decided that He knows better than us.

One day I got an e-mail from my friend Rency. He was praying for Lisa and the baby in her stomach. He felt strongly that the child would be like “Samuel” in the bible. I called Rency, I could tell that he knew something about my son, but he didn’t want to tell me in a direct way. So I told him that we would name him Samuel. Rency got very excited and said “Oh fantastic brother, I felt very strongly to tell you that his name was to be Samuel but I didn’t want to be weird and tell you what to name him”.

One day in the foundation school here in Kona I was teaching a young 6 year old boy. Lisa was in the room and very pregnant. Lisa yelled “ouch” because the baby kicked her. The boy exclaimed “Why did you say ouch? Was it because baby Samuel kicked you?” We were a little shocked because we had never told him what the babies name was.

The name Samuel means “God hears”, my prayer is that when we look at our beautiful son our will be reminded of God’s faithfulness, and that he is always with us, and always hears our prayers. Not only that but I think that his name is a prophetic insight into what his calling in God is. For more insight into the name Samuel check out the two books of Samuel in the bible.

Why Bernard? The name Bernard is a Latin name that means “Brave as a Bear”. Samuel’s father and grandfather and great-grandfather, and several other great-grandfathers had this name. I think it describes my father and grandfather very well. Both men were and are risk takers, not afraid of much.

There you have it. Samuel Bernard Keach is officially on the scene.

We pray all is well. Please pray for us as we navigate this whole baby thing.


Morgan, Lisa, Samuel

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sameul Bernard Keach

Samuel Bernard Keach aka: “Sammy-B”

3:45 am Saturday morning I woke up to Lisa saying “I think my water broke”. Sure enough it had. We hadn’t yet prepared our hospital bag, ‘we’ll do it tomorrow” we said over a period of two weeks. I was reminded of the scripture "Beware for no one knows the hour day or time". So we prepared our bag and headed off to the hospital. For the next 25 hours Lisa faught a very brave fight, I am so proud of my strong wife. At 5 am Sunday the doctor seemed concerned by the fact that 1) Lisa wasn’t dilating 2) Lisa was getting feverish and 3) the babies heart rate was raising.

Therefore the doctor wanted to do a caesarian section. This was a bummer, but Lisa agreed to it. At 6:12 am on Sunday January 15th Lisa gave birth to a 6.9 lb, 19 inch long baby boy named Samuel Bernard Keach.

Samuel is so darn cute I just can’t believe. His hobbies and interests include sleeping, feeding, pooping, burping, not sleeping when we would want him to, and sitting around looking really adorable.

Lisa and I are really exhausted, and really excited/ happy.

Please pray for us.

1) 1) For Samuel to grow in a healthy manner.

2) 2)For Lisa to have quick recovery physically and emotionally.

3) For God’s grace for us as we go through this exciting and unique time.

Thank you all for your support. We thank you for the prayers, the baby gifts, the encouragements. We are so incredibly blessed to have such amazing friends and family.


Morgan, Lisa, and Sammy B

Ps in the next few days I will update the blog with an explanation for his name.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dolphin Assisted Birth?

Friday was arrival day for us here in Kona, Hawaii. 500 students arrived from all over the world to come and participate in one of twelve different schools ( 8 DTS and 4 upper level schools). It is hard to explain the excitement of arrival day. It almost feels like Christmas. One scruffy old YWAM veteran proclaimed “Man, this is so awesome! All of these peoples God boxes are about to be blown up… and they have no idea”. It is true. On many occasions I have walked from one side of the campus to the other passing by every classroom and they are all worshiping. Or it is a common thing to sit near one of the open air classrooms where the speaker is leading a class of eighty students in a corporate breakthrough. The students are being delivered and healed from deep pains of the heart. Other times you can sit in on a class where a veteran missionary is telling a heroic tale, or a world class bible teacher is challenging your entire way of thinking.
This is officially the largest quarter this place has ever seen, and the place is literally bursting at the seams. On top of all the new students, there are currently four large buildings being built ( a 3 story building for the cafeteria and classrooms, a video production studio, and two dorms). The cafeteria is being built because of a generous family who donated 2 million dollars for the project (he went through our school in April). God is doing something massive here and it is interesting to be apart of. It is an exciting time.

On a lighter note Lisa and I completed a natural birthing class on Saturday. It was a good and strange experience. The other couple who did the class with us (that’s right, only one other couple took the class) stated that they wanted to have a “Dolphin Birth”. Lisa and I assumed they meant they were going to deliver the baby in a pool of water of some kind. The more they talked about it, we realized that they were quite serious, and that a dolphin would actually be in the water with them “assisting” the birth of there son. Apparently a dolphin makes soothing noises that help in some way to the delivery of the child .
Lisa is due on the 25th of this month, but could “pop” at any moment (she is offended that I wrote the term “pop”).
Please be praying for us:
1) For God’s grace for Lisa
2) For a successful quarter
3 ) For God’s continuing provision
4)etc., etc.

Thank you all. We miss you all and wish we were home with you all.

Lisa, Morgan, and Baby boy Keach