Friday, January 20, 2012

Sameul Bernard Keach

Samuel Bernard Keach aka: “Sammy-B”

3:45 am Saturday morning I woke up to Lisa saying “I think my water broke”. Sure enough it had. We hadn’t yet prepared our hospital bag, ‘we’ll do it tomorrow” we said over a period of two weeks. I was reminded of the scripture "Beware for no one knows the hour day or time". So we prepared our bag and headed off to the hospital. For the next 25 hours Lisa faught a very brave fight, I am so proud of my strong wife. At 5 am Sunday the doctor seemed concerned by the fact that 1) Lisa wasn’t dilating 2) Lisa was getting feverish and 3) the babies heart rate was raising.

Therefore the doctor wanted to do a caesarian section. This was a bummer, but Lisa agreed to it. At 6:12 am on Sunday January 15th Lisa gave birth to a 6.9 lb, 19 inch long baby boy named Samuel Bernard Keach.

Samuel is so darn cute I just can’t believe. His hobbies and interests include sleeping, feeding, pooping, burping, not sleeping when we would want him to, and sitting around looking really adorable.

Lisa and I are really exhausted, and really excited/ happy.

Please pray for us.

1) 1) For Samuel to grow in a healthy manner.

2) 2)For Lisa to have quick recovery physically and emotionally.

3) For God’s grace for us as we go through this exciting and unique time.

Thank you all for your support. We thank you for the prayers, the baby gifts, the encouragements. We are so incredibly blessed to have such amazing friends and family.


Morgan, Lisa, and Sammy B

Ps in the next few days I will update the blog with an explanation for his name.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dolphin Assisted Birth?

Friday was arrival day for us here in Kona, Hawaii. 500 students arrived from all over the world to come and participate in one of twelve different schools ( 8 DTS and 4 upper level schools). It is hard to explain the excitement of arrival day. It almost feels like Christmas. One scruffy old YWAM veteran proclaimed “Man, this is so awesome! All of these peoples God boxes are about to be blown up… and they have no idea”. It is true. On many occasions I have walked from one side of the campus to the other passing by every classroom and they are all worshiping. Or it is a common thing to sit near one of the open air classrooms where the speaker is leading a class of eighty students in a corporate breakthrough. The students are being delivered and healed from deep pains of the heart. Other times you can sit in on a class where a veteran missionary is telling a heroic tale, or a world class bible teacher is challenging your entire way of thinking.
This is officially the largest quarter this place has ever seen, and the place is literally bursting at the seams. On top of all the new students, there are currently four large buildings being built ( a 3 story building for the cafeteria and classrooms, a video production studio, and two dorms). The cafeteria is being built because of a generous family who donated 2 million dollars for the project (he went through our school in April). God is doing something massive here and it is interesting to be apart of. It is an exciting time.

On a lighter note Lisa and I completed a natural birthing class on Saturday. It was a good and strange experience. The other couple who did the class with us (that’s right, only one other couple took the class) stated that they wanted to have a “Dolphin Birth”. Lisa and I assumed they meant they were going to deliver the baby in a pool of water of some kind. The more they talked about it, we realized that they were quite serious, and that a dolphin would actually be in the water with them “assisting” the birth of there son. Apparently a dolphin makes soothing noises that help in some way to the delivery of the child .
Lisa is due on the 25th of this month, but could “pop” at any moment (she is offended that I wrote the term “pop”).
Please be praying for us:
1) For God’s grace for Lisa
2) For a successful quarter
3 ) For God’s continuing provision
4)etc., etc.

Thank you all. We miss you all and wish we were home with you all.

Lisa, Morgan, and Baby boy Keach

Monday, January 2, 2012

End of the Year (a little late)

Our quarter ended last week. We saw our little students off as they headed to Malaysia and Haiti. Kids are interesting. I have never worked with young kids in that kind of setting. They really do “say the darnedest things.” One kid in particular was a real rascal, but God would totally speak through him. Lisa and I have a name for our son, but have yet to tell anyone. God gave us a boy’s name well before we were pregnant or even thinking about becoming pregnant. One day, in class, Lisa yelled out “ouch” really loud. The little rascal came up to her and said. “Why did you say ouch? Was it because baby ____ kicked you?” We were both taken a back because he said our son’s name. Lisa asked him why he said that particular name. The little rascal thought he was in trouble, so he sheepishly said that he had no idea why he said it. Pretty cool!
With that behind we have a lot to look forward to in the coming year, as well as the coming months. Lisa is literally about to explode she is so big with a baby. The due date is January 25th, but there is no telling when he will come. The campus population will be the biggest it has ever been. There will be 8 DTS’s, including one sailing over from Catalina in February, and 8 upper level schools. There will be over 500 students, which is very exciting, but also very chaotic. It is neat to see so many people coming here to give missions a shot (for at least 6 months anyways).
I will be working with a team that will be co-ordinating all of the schools to make sure that they run smoothly. It is a lot of administrative work, and just a lot of work period, but I am up for the challenge. I will get the chance to learn how schools are run. Maybe one day we will run a school on our own?

Some exciting news is that Lisa and I got a car, and moved off campus all in the matter of a few days. We wanted to move off campus because it is a little hectic with people causing ruckus all of hours of the day (imagine living in the middle of a college campus…it is YOUTH with a Mission after all). A young couple is subletting their apartment to us while they staff an outreach to the US Virgin Islands, and then staff a school in Switzerland. They will be back at the end of June.
We were going to get a car a while ago, but kept feeling God say, “Wait”. We don’t like waiting. Finally, right around the time we moved into the apartment, another young couple decided to head back to Canada/Washington because they are having a baby girl. They didn’t want to sell their car because they will be back in July, so they are renting it out for almost nothing until the end of June. The car is a hulking white 1991 Toyota Landcruiser in mint condition. Ideal for some of the rugged roads here on the island, not so ideal for gas.
I’ts amazing that both leases are up right at the end of June. God amazingly orchestrated this one. The end of June/ early July is right around the time our school goes on outreach. I wonder what God has planned for us around July 1st?

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We greatly appreciate it. We have been blown away by God’s provision month after month. We are just coming out of a tough season of testing, but we are excited and are believing for huge breakthrough.

Happy New Year! May it be full of joy, peace and the Spirit.

Morgan and Lisa and Baby Boy Keach

Please pray for:

Lisa as she is on the home stretch of the pregnancy
For the baby as he prepares to make his entrance….or is it exit?
For dad, that he is ready (God help me!)
For our finances to come in
For grace to co-ordinate 500 students
For us to remain red hot for Jesus