Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dolphin Assisted Birth?

Friday was arrival day for us here in Kona, Hawaii. 500 students arrived from all over the world to come and participate in one of twelve different schools ( 8 DTS and 4 upper level schools). It is hard to explain the excitement of arrival day. It almost feels like Christmas. One scruffy old YWAM veteran proclaimed “Man, this is so awesome! All of these peoples God boxes are about to be blown up… and they have no idea”. It is true. On many occasions I have walked from one side of the campus to the other passing by every classroom and they are all worshiping. Or it is a common thing to sit near one of the open air classrooms where the speaker is leading a class of eighty students in a corporate breakthrough. The students are being delivered and healed from deep pains of the heart. Other times you can sit in on a class where a veteran missionary is telling a heroic tale, or a world class bible teacher is challenging your entire way of thinking.
This is officially the largest quarter this place has ever seen, and the place is literally bursting at the seams. On top of all the new students, there are currently four large buildings being built ( a 3 story building for the cafeteria and classrooms, a video production studio, and two dorms). The cafeteria is being built because of a generous family who donated 2 million dollars for the project (he went through our school in April). God is doing something massive here and it is interesting to be apart of. It is an exciting time.

On a lighter note Lisa and I completed a natural birthing class on Saturday. It was a good and strange experience. The other couple who did the class with us (that’s right, only one other couple took the class) stated that they wanted to have a “Dolphin Birth”. Lisa and I assumed they meant they were going to deliver the baby in a pool of water of some kind. The more they talked about it, we realized that they were quite serious, and that a dolphin would actually be in the water with them “assisting” the birth of there son. Apparently a dolphin makes soothing noises that help in some way to the delivery of the child .
Lisa is due on the 25th of this month, but could “pop” at any moment (she is offended that I wrote the term “pop”).
Please be praying for us:
1) For God’s grace for Lisa
2) For a successful quarter
3 ) For God’s continuing provision
4)etc., etc.

Thank you all. We miss you all and wish we were home with you all.

Lisa, Morgan, and Baby boy Keach

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  1. really?? a dolphin?? that sounds crazy! Praying for you guys!