Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Samuel?

In an age where people are naming there kids super hip names like “Rory”, “Kingston”, “ Malibu”, “ Mason”, “Raleigh”, “ Shiloh”, :Tigre", “ Stintson” etc. we decided to ask God what our sons name is. In fact before we ever conceived, or even thought about it Lisa came up to me one day and proclaimed “ I was praying and I feel like we are to have a boy and his name is Samuel!” I was little shocked and to be honest a little annoyed. The only person that I could think of named “Sam” wasn’t exactly the world’s greatest role model. So I shook it off, hoping that we could forget the whole thing. Sure enough I was praying, the thought about a son named Sam came to my mind, and so I decided to ask God if it were true. I felt directed to a certain book of the bible “I Samuel”,,, of course. So I conceded to God and decided that He knows better than us.

One day I got an e-mail from my friend Rency. He was praying for Lisa and the baby in her stomach. He felt strongly that the child would be like “Samuel” in the bible. I called Rency, I could tell that he knew something about my son, but he didn’t want to tell me in a direct way. So I told him that we would name him Samuel. Rency got very excited and said “Oh fantastic brother, I felt very strongly to tell you that his name was to be Samuel but I didn’t want to be weird and tell you what to name him”.

One day in the foundation school here in Kona I was teaching a young 6 year old boy. Lisa was in the room and very pregnant. Lisa yelled “ouch” because the baby kicked her. The boy exclaimed “Why did you say ouch? Was it because baby Samuel kicked you?” We were a little shocked because we had never told him what the babies name was.

The name Samuel means “God hears”, my prayer is that when we look at our beautiful son our will be reminded of God’s faithfulness, and that he is always with us, and always hears our prayers. Not only that but I think that his name is a prophetic insight into what his calling in God is. For more insight into the name Samuel check out the two books of Samuel in the bible.

Why Bernard? The name Bernard is a Latin name that means “Brave as a Bear”. Samuel’s father and grandfather and great-grandfather, and several other great-grandfathers had this name. I think it describes my father and grandfather very well. Both men were and are risk takers, not afraid of much.

There you have it. Samuel Bernard Keach is officially on the scene.

We pray all is well. Please pray for us as we navigate this whole baby thing.


Morgan, Lisa, Samuel

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  1. Miss you Keachberries! Hope little Samuel is doing well. He's so cute!!