Monday, April 16, 2012

Can you hear Him?

Week 1

How to Hear God’s Voice:

“There are many believers, but there are few disciples” was a comment made by our first week's speaker, Donna Jordan. Donna is a woman in her 70’s that has been working in YWAM since the mid-70’s. She started out as regular ole’ housewife that was living a casual or “lukewarm” Christian life. Through a series of events she and her husband got a serious desire to know Jesus better. Long story short God called them to help pioneer the YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii and have been working with YWAM ever since. Donna travels the world speaking on “How to Hear God’s Voice.” She is a sassy grandmotherly woman that is kooky, straight forward, and very much anointed. She was a real pleasure to listen to and to learn from.

I will include some of the principles of hearing God’s voice in the coming weeks. She has a manual and if you are interested in getting a copy I can get one to you, just let us know.

On Thursday the 5th the campus welcomed 400 students from around the world. Our class, Asia Pacific DTS, welcomed 32 students from South Korea, China, Malaysia, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, USA, Vanuatu, Germany and Haiti. Students are very eager and excited. We have students from all walks of life: a Korean family living in Michigan where the husband is an architect; a Micronesian girl whose parents are missionaries in China; a video game designer; a young American hair stylist ( I think her parents made her come); a guy who is out on bail; a barista; some house moms; several university students; etc.

Samuel is doing fantastic. Samuel is growing bigger day by day. Today he is three months old. He is making baby babble, laughing, smiling, sleeping through the night, rolling onto his back from his stomach, and is the source of a lot of joy in our house. He loves being held by just about anyone who is willing to hold him, which is a lot more people than mom is comfortable with (give her a break, she is a new mom). Everyone says he looks like mom, but I think that is only because he cannot yet grow facial hair.

GOOD NEWS: Lisa, Samuel, and I will be coming home at the end of June! We will most likely be home for 6 weeks or so. We prayed and felt like we weren’t to lead an outreach. We also have an exciting change in direction that we will announce on another one of these posts. Hint: It involves YWAM, boats, and a new location (actually, maybe several locations!).

Please be praying for us. As our school walks in new things, as we face new ministry opportunities, and not to forget our new role as parents we are facing opposition from the devil in ways that are hard to explain and hard to shake off. In humility we ask that you please pray for:

1) us to grow closer to Jesus

2) our marriage

3) wisdom as we raise a little baby boy

4) unity in our school amongst the students and the staff

5) our finances to come in

Thanks and God Bless.

Morgan, Lisa, Samuel

PS In the next several posts I will include principles to hearing God’s voice. For more clarity feel free to write us. This is something that has dramatically affected the way we live our lives, and relate to Jesus and others.

Principle 1: Relationship with God: Four levels

Hearing God’s voice has to do with relationship with Jesus. The depth of relationship will determine how well you hear. In other posts we will talk about what the other voices are out there, and the ways that God speaks to us.

1 Academic: 1 Cor 1:18-31. A lot of people know a lot about God, but don’t actually know him. “Intellecet give information but the spirit gives revelation”.

2. Casual-lukewarm: Rev3:15-22. Often times we go through the motions but are not very passionate about Jesus. We might go to church but don’t spend time thinking about Jesus, much less spend time with Him.

3. Growing-Hungry for More- Thirsty:

Psalm 107:8-9, Isa 55:1-3, John7:37-38 This has a lot to do with making Jesus LORD of your life. You realize how good he is and want more of Jesus no matter the cost. It is crucial to make Jesus LORD of your life if you want to 1) grow in hunger/thirst, and 2) hear his voice.

4) Intimate: Nothing else matters but to be with Jesus and to please Him. You realize that He is speaking to you all of the time (I will go over the ways that he speaks later). Intimacy is about friendship with the one who created you.

Which one describes you? Where do you want to be? How can you get to the next level in relationship with Jesus?

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