Friday, April 27, 2012

A New Thing

Last week Derek Schoenhoff taught our class on the nature and character of God.
Derek’s parents joined YWAM in the 70’s after they had spent some time learning from Francis Schaeffer in Switzerland. Francis Schaeffer wrote the book “How Then Shall We Live?” (an amazing book!) He was a theologian, philosopher, and social thinker that challenged the ideas of the day (counter culture, modernism) and exposed them for what they were. Check out: for articles and mp3’s of some really good material from Schaeffer and others like him, as well as for more information on Schaeffer and his ministry and its legacy (very inspiring, and challenging as we face even greater struggles in our day).
We saw much breakthrough in the lives of the students as Derek barraged them with the truth of who God is.                                                                
Our staff also prayed and heard from God as to our outreach locations for this year: Tahiti, Samoa/Niue, Fiji (and outer islands), Saipan, Papua New Guinea, China/N. Korea, and India/Thailand.
Lisa and I will not be leading a team this summer, because we felt God leading us to come home! We will be home at the end of June, all of July, and leave at the end of August.
We will come back to Kona but not to work with Asia-Pacific DTS any longer. God has been speaking to us about a new thing. We feel that God is leading us to work with YWAM Orange County… but out of Hawaii. It is a long story (one for another day) but YWAM OC is pioneering a boat ministry that will minister in the Pacific (among other    places). For now they feel to tie in here with YWAM in Kona, but eventually we will shift to the OC. I will explain later why it is out of the OC, how Kona fits in, and the kind of boats we are looking for.
Thanks so much for all of you prayers, and support. We love you all and are excited that we might see many of you soon.
Please continue to pray for:
1) Our health (we have been getting back pains, colds, etc.)
2) For wisdom as we disciple students from diverse backgrounds
3) For Samuel that he will continue to grow and develop as he should
4) For us to grow in our relationship with God and each other.
5) For our students to hear clearly from God as to what outreach location they should go to.
6) Do you have any prayer requests? Feel free to contact us.
Lisa, Morgan, Samuel
PS I will write a post below on STEP 2: Hearing God’s voice. 

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