Monday, May 14, 2012

Some of the Ways God Speaks

Some of the Ways God Speaks (Once again largely lifted from Donna Jordan’s manual):
God Speaks to us in a number of ways. It is not our job to tell Him what to say or how to say it. It is our job to tune into the right frequency, and to obey what we hear. Below is a list of some of the ways God speaks.
1)      God speaks through the Bible: Duh! It is so important that we are reading His word with the Holy Spirit (always invite the Holy Spirit to interpret the book that He inspired). Anything that you ever hear should affirm, and not contradict the bible. For example if you hear “Steal that money from your boss” you can probably guess that is satan, because it is clearly stated “Thou shalt not steal”. The Lord has much to say to us through His word.
2)      Inner witness of the Holy Spirit: If you feel a peace about something than you can know you are in God’s will. But if you are doing or saying something and that peace departs than it is probably not God’s will. Someone may tell you a lie, and you feel a sense in your spirit that something is not right.

3)      Through the inner voice of the Holy Spirit: There are many situations for which the Bible does not give you an answer. For example. Whether you should marry a particular person, whether you should be a lawyer or a teacher, where you should live etc. The still small voice… the gentle whisper (1 Kings 19:12)  a) is not audible to human ear  b) is heard in the area of your thoughts of your mind and spirit c) might include thoughts placed in your mind, giving your spirit a deep peace.

4)      Through visions: A personal, pictorial presentation while you are awake. Through visions God often reveals hidden truths. You should present the eyes of your heart to God to see what He will show you. All visions should be tested against the word of God.

5)      God speaks through dreams, but not every dream is from God, you must use discernment.

6)      He speaks through an audible voice: Usually as an attention getter.

There are a whole lot more for example He speaks through: Angels, the gifts of the Spirit, leadership, songs, hymns, instruments, other people, feeling and emotions, principles of scripture, and through creation.

God is speaking all of the time, we need to learn how to tune into His frequency, test everything, and make sure we are in His Word (the bible).
Let us try another exercise
1)      Silence the other competing voices (out loud)
2)      Ask the Lord for the grace to hear Him
3)      Ask: Lord what hinders me from hearing you?
4)      What did you hear? Sense? See (vision)?
5)      Respond to what God showed you.