Friday, July 20, 2012

We are home!

Samuel at the beach in Hawaii!
We are home! It has been nearly two years since we set out! We have been back in the South Bay for a couple of weeks now. It has been great seeing family and friends, showing Samuel off to everybody.
I just want to give praise to God who showed us so much mercy and grace as we took our first flight with Sammy.  Out of the womb, anyways (he went on eighteen flights in Lisa’s belly). He didn’t cry once.  In fact, he slept most of the travel time.
We will be home until the end of August. We are hoping to reconnect with so many of our friends and family members while here.

DTS: The Asia Pacific DTS students are all out on outreach. We have heard some cool testimonies already. The team in Saipan prayed for someone in a wheel chair, who then got up and walked! Jesus, you are amazing!
Honestly, it was a difficult DTS in many ways: it was bilingual; it was hard balancing a busy schedule, a new baby, and a beautiful wife but we did it by God’s grace. By the way, the teaching was some of the best I have ever heard. We are so blessed to be doing this! One good tagline: “You can’t walk on water if you don’t get out of the boat.”

Please pray for our students who are out in Tahiti, Fiji, Saipan, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, San Francisco, and China.
Samuel and Aunty Elyse

El Encuentro: the Encounter
OC Ships:  We are officially working for YWAM Orange County (but out of Kona, Hawaii… for now). We launched our first boat (we believe God will provide many more) Tuesday the 17th into the water in Newport Harbor. The El Encuentro is a 59 foot twin mast sail boat that was gifted to us earlier this year. It will be used to disciple people in the ways of sailing and to lead teams into the Baja Peninsula to reach out to Mexican fishing villages. We have a team from our School of Navigation that will be taking it into Baja in September.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and encouragement for the last two years. We love all of you so much, and we pray for you guys with joy in our hearts.

When we look back we are amazed at how God has provided for us, used us, and of course, taught us.  We have so many cool stories of God’s greatness, it is hard for me to express in writing all of the cool things that He has done in our lives. We are appreciative and humbled by His grace.
Please pray for us as we are home:
1)      That Lisa and I would remain passionate for Jesus
2)      That Lisa and I would communicate well with each other
3)      For Samuel to continue to grow strong and adjust to all the changes
4)      That we would make the best use of our time here
5)      For our prayer and financial support base to widen
Sammy and his cousin Lola
Well, we hope to visit with you while we are here.  We would love for you to meet the newest addition to our family!  Samuel is a real joy!!

In Christ,

Morgan, Lisa, and Samuel Keach
Samuel doesn't like avocado!

Lisa, Sam, and elephant seals

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  1. It's wonderful to 'see' you!! You sound absolutely wonderful and I am just blessed to read all about your lives and see little Samuel..what a love!
    My heart goes with you. Would LOVE to see you in person, if time permits.

    Always...'Mugs' and Ryan xoxoxox