Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Round

Swimmers take their places for the 2012 Iron Man Triathalon

The DTS has been underway for several weeks. God has been moving powerfully in the hearts of students and staff alike. After the second week of teaching, on Worship and Identity, 18 of the 23 students decided to get baptized. It was a very powerful witness to the redeeming power of Jesus. It was around the Iron Man (this is the yearly triathlon event held in Kona) weekend, so a large number of Iron men and their families watched as our students made life commitments to Jesus.
1,000 staff and students worshiping Jesus!
Students will go on outreaches in December to Fanning Island (onboard the El Encuentro), The Caribbean (they will fly to Grenada and jump on board the Caribbean Link), and to the Amazon!

Holy Ship!
In just one day we were given three boats! Isn’t that incredible? One is a sail boat that has been used by YWAM for the past decade or so in the Caribbean, and it was given to us a as a gift! Totally free!
The second is a twenty some odd foot sailboat that will be used as a training vessel in California.
The third boat has been pledged to us. A gentleman, who has a heart for the Pacific, asked if he bought a boat for us would we use it to train and to work in the Pacific? Amazing! All three of these boats were offered in one day! It all came about on the graduation day of our School of Navigation and Seamanship. When you obey the Lord, He blesses! Sometimes it is that simple.

Two bits of Exciting News!
They asked us to co-lead a January Ships focused DTS here in Kona! We will do it, but Lisa will take a limited role because…

Our Reaction to the news!
Lisa is pregnant! We are really excited. The Lord spoke to us about this a little while back (a story for another blog post), something took place, and next thing you know Samuel will be a big brother! The Lord told us the name and the gender of this baby after He told us what Samuel’s name would be, but… I want you to practice hearing God’s voice too! Ask Jesus what the sex and name of the child is. Let us know what you hear. If you get it right we will send you some coffee or macadamia nuts (for coaching on hearing God’s voice, revisit some older posts).

Samuel taking rest between spoonfuls of food!

Please pray for us!
1)      Unity, and organization for our new staff team
2)      More staff for our January DTS
3)      Finances
4)      For the little baby growing in Lisa’s belly
5)      For Samuel as he crawls and develops

God Bless,

Morgan, Lisa, Samuel, lil baby