Sunday, February 3, 2013

Year Ends and Another Begins!

Eph 3:14 For this reason I bow my knee to the Father…

Hello all,

Samuel in some shades!
What an exciting year 2012 was! We had a baby, moved a bunch of times, were provided numerous vehicles at various times, saw the Lord provide financially time and again, saw people get healed, saved, set free, and got pregnant again! What a stretching year it was for us.  Looking back in retrospect I am filled with amazement at how God brought us through so many trying times.

By far the highlight of the year was witnessing the birth of Samuel, and to watch him grow.  This has been the source of much laughter, joy, sleepless nights, and sometimes frustration. He truly is a lot of fun. He is full of smiles and very adventurous… he is a handful!

In January Lisa and I began running our first DTS! As I write, 20 students from North America and Europe are here in Kona, Hawaii learning more about God and preparing to make Him known.
Also, we have close to thirty students ministering in the Caribbean, Kirbati/Fiji, and the Amazon. 

Please pray for our precious little Girl!
Come June we are expecting our second child. We just found out it is a girl! The Lord had already given us a girl's name so we weren't really surprised! What is it? Practice hearing Gods voice and ask Him what her name is. We will be heading to Honolulu this week to have a special ultrasound. The Dr. says she has some swelling in her brain and they need to make sure it isn't serious. Often times theses things just go away. Pray that this thing goes away in Jesus' name! 

Thanks and God bless from the Keach family!
Please pray for us:
1)      For financial support (we are currently under-funded!)
2)      God's guidance for us
3)      For our new bunch of students
4)      Grace for our family as Lisa and I lead a school
5)      That Samuel would be able to put himself to sleep
6)      For opportunities to share the gospel

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