Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blast Off Into the Nations

Hello all,

Here is an update on the school we are leading.

The young, timid, and reserved group that showed up in Hawaii nearly three months ago have vanished. In there place are people that are in love with God, excited to make Him known, free from a multitude of shameful things, and are having fun!
One young guy from the south, who dropped out of high school a couple of years ago, can’t put his bible down. Also for the first time in his life is excited for his future!
A girl from Britain, whom had made a suicide pact with friend’s years ago, is bursting at the seams with joy!
One girl from the Midwest has laid down her good plans for the future and is taking the challenge of following Gods path for her life.
A bunch of our students are walking around with a lot more confidence. God loves them; they know it, and they believe they can do anything!

The thing I love about DTS is the way Jesus meets with the students. You really get to know God, and when you get to know God… your life changes! When you are in the presence of God (and I am not just talking about a one off emotional experience) you want to get rid of pride, materialism, gossip, and just all of your crap. And when God changes your life, you experience freedom, peace, joy… oh brother, you just want to tell others.

On March 28th we sent these Jesus freaks to Central America and to Palau.

Team Central America: Will begin in Panama and sail our boat, the Caribbean Reach, up to Mexico. Along the way they will stop in Costa Rica to do bible distribution, in Guatemala to work in orphanages, and in Acapulco Mexico to work amongst the poor. They will also do evangelism everywhere they go. Also I may be visiting this team early in May, when they reach Mexico.

Team Palau: Will circulate between Palau’s four inhabited islands. They will work with a water ministry to help bring potable water to some of the isolated peoples of these islands. They will also be partnering with churches doing evangelism, and youth ministries. Palau is an island that YWAM Ships will be sending teams to ongoing, especially as we get our vessels into Micronesia.

Please pray for these two teams for: unity, open doors, clear communication with locals, safety, etc.

Morgan, Lisa, Samuel, Ruby

PS Lisa's April 1st appointment in Honolulu was delayed (joke was on us!) instead we will be going on Friday April 12th. Please keep praying for a good report. Thanks

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  1. I was sure wondering about the appointment! Good to know it is tomorrow! Please keep us posted! Praying for Ruby!