Saturday, July 6, 2013

Graduation x 2...what's next for us?

First of all, I want to thank all that have helped us as we get through the toughest time in our life (so far, at least).  Our precious daughter, Sarah Ruby, died close to three months ago.  There are days when it hurts just as bad as the day it all happened.  Then there are good days (well, as good as they can be).  We have you to thank for carrying us through with your prayers, phone calls, and cards and messages with supportive, loving words.  They have made a difference.  Then of course we have the grace of God, which we couldn’t possibly do without.  Lots of big stuff has happened over the last couple months and lots of big stuff is about to happen. 

For one thing, the students from our most recent DTS (Discipleship Training School) returned from their outreaches to Palau and Central America and graduated!  Boy, did God really use them!!  Here is a quick excerpt from the Palau team: “We were able to get into the prison this week! It's so different from American prison. The men/women aren't in chains or behind walls, but literally just came and sat around a circle with us and worshipped! Rubin and I shared our testimonies, afterwards we were able to pair off one on one and pray with the prisoners. Cool story - Rubin was speaking with a man who is an ex-mafia member, past murderer, had been in prison in America for 10 years, was then transferred to Palau and has a 5 year sentence to finish out here. He has 4 more years left and told Rubin that while he was in prison in the US the "clique" he was a part of told him as "initiation" that he had a to murder a man from the rival gang. Before he went to murder the man he heard God say "what if you prayed for him instead of killed him?" ... Mind you, this is an ex-mafia man. So, oddly he says ok, and prays for the man! And in this prison, instead of murdering the man they ended up worshipping! The worship turned into all the men in the prison worshipping together! Instead of blood being shed, it turned in to love and lives changed! The gangs were able to come together and praise Jesus.. it was intense! After Rubin and I shared our testimonies this man told Rubin that he wanted to give his life to Christ. He then prayed and accepted Christ into his heart!! PRAISE JESUS!! There were many miracles in the prison that night, the Holy Spirit was SO apparent, you could feel His presence and anointing! It was beautiful!”  There are TONS more stories I’d like to share, so I will write a separate post soon!
Most of our students on graduation day!!
As for the second graduation that occurred, my amazing husband completed the Bible Core Course this past week!  I am so proud of him.  The BCC is an INTENSE, time-consuming 12 week inductive study of the Bible.  It will help him in teaching the Bible to others.  He really is a born teacher!  Anyways, many expected him to drop out since our girl died the first week of the course, but we truly felt that the Lord wanted Morgan to complete this course, so he (we!) stuck with it.  As always, God knew what He was doing and was able to speak much to Morgan and comfort him through all his time in the Bible.  At the celebration dinner each student got to stand up and receive encouragements, etc from their fellow classmates.  Most of them talked about Morgan’s humility and that they truly see him as “a man after God’s own heart.”  That’s my husband!  (He’s going to hate that I wrote all of that)
Just a usual day in the BCC!
Lastly, we have some pretty big news in regards to what’s next for us.  From before the time our sweet daughter died we felt that the Lord was talking to us about going home this summer.  We though that it was most likely to help get the YWAM Orange County base going.  Not the case.  After MUCH prayer, thought, and consideration we have come to the conclusion that we are to head home for the next 5-6 months for a time of rest and healing (our housing here is done July 20th, so we plan to head home by then...only 12 days away!!).  Though part of me is excited about this (I mean, I love home!), it is also a tough thing.  We absolutely love what we do and it is hard to step away.  YWAM Ships just acquired the old Hukilau Hotel here in Kona this past week and it will be the Ships base.  Everyone is working fervently to get it ready for the new batch of students that will arrive this coming Friday.  We were asked by Brett and Karen Curtis, the leaders of YWAM Ships, to stay through the summer and help them get the new base up and running.  It is all very exciting and we would love to play a part in it, but we just don’t feel that is what we are to do.  We know God has some awesome stuff planned for our time home though (He’s never boring) and we are excited to see what it is.  We are also VERY excited to see how and what He provides in regards to a living space, jobs, etc.  Do you know of anything either in the South Bay or Orange County (my mom lives in OC)?  Which leads me to the other part of us going home.  My dear momma has been sick with a rare form of Leukemia for 2 years now.  Her condition is very up and down.  Being home for a while will allow me to spend time with her and help her in any ways she needs.  I’d appreciate it if you would pray for her healing. 

So, dear friends and family, we will see many of you soon!  Again, thank you SO much for your love and support through these extremely painful and difficult months.  We love you and appreciate you.  We would love to pray for you too.  Send us a message….give us a call…..let us know if there is anything we can be praying for.
Who can resist that smile?!
Love and Blessings,

The Keach Family

Prayer Requests: For…
1) … our peace and comfort as we continue to mourn the loss of our daughter
2) … a smooth transition period (especially for Samuel!)
3) … housing, a car, and jobs while we are home
4) … my mom’s health