Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where in the world are the Keaches?!

Hello All,

It has been a while since our last post.  We have been greatly enjoying our time home visiting with friends and family along with periods of rest.
Travels: We were blessed with a cabin in Big Bear, CA for a few weeks in September. This was really nice because it was the first time in almost a year where it was just Lisa, Samuel and I without any housemates!  We are thankful for the good, quality time we had both as a family and a couple (once the little guy was asleep!).
We then got to travel to Reno to take part in my Cousin Elyse’s wedding to Travis Hansen. It was a fun time of our family coming together and boogieing ‘til dawn!

Vagabond lifestyle: The plan was to stay with my parents in Torrance and make day trips to visit Lisa’s mom during our time here at home, BUT my parents have been remodeling the house, which left us homeless!  Thanks to Kings Harbor Church and Dan Bradford we were put up at a couple’s house in Rancho Palos Verdes!  We have been blessed to be living at the home of Tom and Carol Elden.  The Eldens are a fun couple from Oregon that moved to the South Bay to be near some of their children and grandchildren.  They are wonderful, generous people and we are super grateful for them. We will be staying at their house until the 12th of November.
After November 12th we will be staying in a KHC missionary’s house in Lomita.  The missionaries are serving the Lord in Qatar and have generously opened their home to other missionaries that are visiting home.  We will be there until we leave the South Bay…

Where next?  Back to Hawaii?  We will be giving our formal announcement by the middle of this month!

What else?  I have been substitute teaching a couple of days a week.  Working with youth is one area we are called to and have a passion for, so this is a great opportunity to connect with some of the youth of the South Bay.     
We have been reconnecting with our home church.  In fact, I got to share about our Ships Ministry at the Kings Harbor Men’s Retreat.
We will also be taking part in "What in the World..." at KHC this coming weekend.  It will be a fun-filled weekend focused on what God is doing around the world.  Click on this link for more info on this free event: http://kingsharbor.org/what-in-the-world-2013/
Also, Lisa and I are going through a course offered at Saddleback Church on coping with  infant loss and stillbirth. It is painful, but good.  It has been awesome to meet with other couples that are going through the same experience and a good reminder that we are not alone in this.

Hopefully the next post you read will be on our new WEBSITE that a friend is working on for us!

Please be praying for us:
1) That we have a restful time at home
2) For Lisa’s emotional healing
3) Healing for Lisa’s mom
4) For opportunity to minister in the classroom at the public schools
5) For us to get some new financial supporters
6) For a car (we want to buy one and ship it over...)

We hope you are all well. May you find your rest and comfort in Jesus Christ.

Morgan, Lisa, and Samuel

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  1. Thanks for the update, Morgan and Lisa! The Becks love you, and we're praying for God to guide you, work in your hearts, and provide everything you need.