Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Old Hukelau

Hello All,

We hope this communication finds you all well. As many of you know we are back in Kona, Hawaii. We are back in action and loving it. Below is some of things we are doing, and some of our needs.

Communal Living: We live at Port YWAM in Kona. It is a separate property from the main campus. It was the old Hukelau Motel on Alii Drive in downtown Kona (right across the street from where the Iron Man Competition begins and ends). It is a total blessing and provision from God. YWAM Ships moved here in July 2013 shortly before we went home to California. This is where we are running our schools, conducting numerous meetings each week, and where 95% of our staff are living. Lisa, Samuel and I share two rooms with an adjoining door.

The motel was a druggie motel for a decade or longer! The carpets are an old shag teal/turquoise, there’s vinyl wall paper, plumbing is outdated, the building is painted poo brown… it is a sight for sore eyes to say the least.  We will need to renovate our rooms a little: remove the wall paper, put in a new sink, tear out the carpet, etc. Each of us is responsible for both the financial side and physical labor of our room renovations, so if you would like to donate  money and/or time and labor for us to fix up our place it would be greatly appreciated. We need a dinner table, some chairs, a kitchen sink, flooring (tile or a wood laminate) and would like to have a little love seat to relax on.  We feel like God is finally having us settle in for a bit, so we would love to make this feel like home!
Bible Core Course (BCC): I am helping run our BCC this quarter. BCC is a 3 month inductive bible school. The students study 14 books of the bible during this time (and read the rest). They log in about 40 hours of personal study, and about 12 hours of classroom lecture. Please pray for me as I teach through the book of Amos next week!

Discipleship Training School (DTS): We were just asked to lead the summer DTS! This will be a lot of fun and a real good challenge for us. Currently there are 4 students accepted, and we need at least 3 more to be able to run it. Let’s pray for 10 more! We also need some staff, so please pray for quality people that will run with us! In reading the student applications and stories we can already see the great need for healing and restoration in some of their lives, so we are super excited to see what God has in store for them and to be able to put into practice the training we received in New Zealand. DTS students arrive July 3rd.

Keiki Corner: Samuel is getting to go to “school” three days a week for two hours each with a bunch of wild two year-olds. He loves it! Lisa helps run the program. As my mom says, “Working with that age group is like “wrangling kittens”…

Please Pray:
1) For our family as we settle back into Hawaii (we have been experiencing some serious spiritual warfare the past two weeks).
2) We need a car. Please pray God blesses us with a reliable one!
3) For more staff and students for the summer DTS.
4) For our students in the BCC to be forever ruined for the ordinary as they study the bible intensively.

Thanks so much and God Bless!

In Christ,

Morgan, Lisa, Samuel

PS If you would like to donate towards a car, our monthly living, or renovations on our rooms please click on this link and please note what you are giving towards.

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