Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Baseball Restored and Other Blessings

Dear Friends,

let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.” Hebrews 12:1

Baseball has been restored to the island of Lib! I bet you never even realized that baseball had been put on hold in Lib, or that there is even an island by such a name(it is pictured above)!
Recently the Hawai’i Aloha (our ministry’s sailing yacht) traveled to the island of Lib, situated in the Marshall Islands. The ship brought a team that was able to perform a number of  services: medical, vision, vaccinations, and the Jesus film. The President of the Marshall Islands asked that we would make it a priority to visit Lib. Apparently Lib hasn’t seen medical services on their island for 10 years! What an honor it is to be able to bring medical services after such a long break. Not to mention a good opportunity to share the gospel!

How did our team restore baseball? Lib is a tiny island. There are only 100 or so people, with a land mass of .36 square miles. On a small island like Lib land is hard to come by.  They have a baseball field though! Recently an organization installed a satellite on the island so that the people can be better connected to the outside world. They had to place it smack dab right in the center of the outfield of the baseball diamond... game suspended! Thankfully, some of our guys raised some money and made a cage to protect the satellite dish from baseballs. Baseball is restored! God has not forgot about the people of Lib, and knows that they love baseball.
DTS: The school jumped from 3 students last time I wrote to 7. Also, a young guy showed up at the beginning of June to work with us here at YWAM ships. Turns out he was coming with the intent of staffing the summer DTS. It seems as if God is working on things in the background without us even knowing it… a good lesson in not stressing! Thanks for the prayers, now lets ask God for two girl staff, and a couple more guy students (we only have 1 dude right now).  A friend of ours wants to work with us but is having a difficult time raising the financial support needed to go on staff with us. Pray that he is able to raise the money… and quickly!

Turqoise shag? Lisa isn’t happy, but the turquoise shag is still in our rooms (to tell the truth I kind of like it). We have been able to make our rooms a bit more habitable… removing outdated lamps, tables, bunk beds, and other things people were storing in these rooms. Thanks to those that donated some money. We are buying some things to make a kitchenette! Mahalo.

Some more prayer requests:
1. For a car (someone is letting us borrow a car for the month of June! Pray something more permanent materializes).
2. For the incoming DTS students as they make preparations to leave home.
3. For our marriage to be strong, and Samuel to be healthy and happy!

Thanks to all of you that are journeying with us. We couldn’t be doing this without you.
Morgan, Lisa, Samuel

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