Sunday, June 29, 2014

Marriage Time

Hello All,

Building blocks for a strong marriage!
For the summer I am hoping to write a quick post each week (on top of the regular monthly updates). The focus of the summer will be marriage. I aim to pass on some of the information we learned from the Family Ministries School we took in New Zealand ( we are not experts... just simply desiring to put onto paper what we learned). The contents come from the "Marriage Book", by Nicky and Sila Lee. The book also has a work book and video series. It is out of Holy Trinity Bropmton Church in London England (same as the Alpha Course). The content is fairly straight forward and is useful for believers and non-believers.I pray that this info is a blessing. If you are not married than I pray the info is a blessing. Be blessed!

Building a Strong Foundation:
1. Make Time for Each Other. Sounds simple but this is the area where we mostly blow it. Everything gets priority over our spouse: kids, work, chores, tv, friends, sports, you name it.
 Every week we should set apart 1-2 hours to spend time with our husband/wife. Have some fun, go dancing, swim in a turquoise lagoon (if you live in Hawaii or some other tropical island), talk together, go for a walk, go roller blading,  etc. We call this "Marraige Time"...
The goal of "Marriage Time" is to add a little romance to our marriage, deepen our appreciation for one another, ensure we communicate regularly.
This is a first step in building a strong marriage. There is a lot more that can be written about this. If you want more information find the "Marriage Book" on your favorite book buying website or book store. The video series is a great thing to incorporate into a married peoples home group. You can even invite some of your non-christian friends!

Prayer: Father I ask in the name of Jesus that you bless the marriages of the people reading this. Amen

 Thanks and God Bless,
Morgan, Lisa, Sammy B.

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