Monday, August 25, 2014

Hurricanes, Pregnancy, and other stuff

Hello Friends,

We had a couple close calls with two different hurricanes. Thankfully hurricane Iselle never touched our side of the island, and hurricane Julio missed all of us. But Iselle did do a little bit of damage on the Hilo side. It was very stressful for us as we did evacuate our base, which is at sea level, and head to the main campus.
Some hurricane damage on Hilo side.

DTS: We are in week 8 of lecture. We have had several weeks of breakthrough in our school. Several students have been set free from bitterness, sexual sin, self hatred, etc. God has also been uniting our school (3 weeks ago none of them would hang out together, now they are becoming inseperable)!
 Pray for 1) continued breaktrhough. 2) For unity between students and staff. 3) For studen Ali who is in remission from cancer. Ali finds out friday if lumps in her lungs are cancerous or benign. Please pray

LA/OC: On the wekend of September 5th our entire school will be heading to LA/OC for two weeks of lecture. God is bringing things together. We have some options for places to stay but are waiting on God for the "right places."  We will also participate in fundraisers for our sailing yacht "El Encuentro." After students leave Lisa, Samuel, and I will stick around Torrance/OC area for four weeks. I will be working with some of our boat crew getting things ready for the El Encuentro to make its way to Panama. Let's hang out!
Ben: Teaching on the heart of the Father!
Please pray: 1) God to open and shut doors for us in LA/OC. 2) That we would have all of the logistics figured out for those two weeks.

Our Family: Lisa is pregnant! We are really excited, and a little nervous ( we had a still birth last year, and a miscarriage earlier this year). We choose to walk in the perfect love of Jesus, who casts out all fear! Please pray: 1) For a healthy pregnancy. 2) For Lisa's health (she is getting over pnumonia and currently has bruised ribs and is experienceing morning sickness). 3) For Samuel who has been getting sick a lot lately.
Thank you all so much. We so appreciate your support and encouragement. Thank you especially for praying for us, it is so very precious to us!

Morgan, Lisa, and Samuel