Tuesday, October 28, 2014

let us run with endurance the race that is set before us (Hebrews 12:1)

We just landed in Hawaii. We were welcomed home by some of our wonderful friends and a diabolically wretched smell in our place. Turns out our fridge short circuited, all of the food went bad, mold began to grow, and bugs got in! So gross! I meant to take a picture of it for all of your viewing pleasure, but our friend Jeremy cleaned it out for us before we could get to it… bummer!

I,  Morgan, spent a week down in Panama visiting with, and ministering alongside the team we sent down there. The team is doing well. They have had wonderful ministry opportunities: prison ministry, convalescent homes, preaching in churches, giving their testimonies, working in schools, etc. Unity is good and morale is good, but they are on the home stretch so prayer is much appreciated. Please pray that they would continue to walk in humility and unity, and that God would use them to lead people to the knowledge of the truth. The team returns to Kona on the 18th of November.

Also, we are a little concerned for one of our students. She came to us from a very dark life style. As I sat down with her in Panama, basically she told me she is thinking of going back to that life when she returns home. She acknowledges all of the things God has done in her life, and that He is who He says He is, but she just isn’t convinced she wants to live for Jesus. Pray that God would show her what He saved her from, and pray against the one who blinds the eyes of the people of this age.

Now that we are back I will be staffing an inductive bible study school  (Bible Core Course or BCC). The school ends around Christmas. Pray that the students go deeper in God’s word and thet get opportunities to share it on outreach. Samuel starts Keiki Corner on Friday (a group for 2 year-olds that meets 3 times a week). Also, we will start potty training him ASAP. Pray that goes smoothly!

Lisa is 16 weeks pregnant.  She has made it through a very rough first trimester! We go to the doctor on Tuesday the 28th and may be able  to find out the sex (any guesses?).  Pray all goes well, and for peace for Lisa, as going to these things can be stressful given our history.

Also, please pray for us as we are going to turn in an application for some housing that just opened up right next door to the main Kona campus. They are two bedroom/two bath apartments. It would be perfect for what we do, and for our growing family. Pray for God’s favor, and for him to open and shuts doors as he sees fit. Also pray for us as this will increase our rent by close to $400, and we would also need bed(s), dishes, dinner table, etc, etc.
Testimonies to follow I am sure!

Other than that God is good. Thanks for reading, and for praying.

Morgan, Lisa, Smauel

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Monday, October 6, 2014

From Kona to Torrance to Panama and Back!

Dearest Friends and Family,

Dave with some of the students in Redondo
We arrived in Los Angeles with our team two weeks ago.

The team is now in Panama ministering in prisons, orphanages, doing evangelism in the streets, and working alongside YWAM Panama to establish a coffee shop/ book shop in the heart of the city. God is moving powerfully through this rag tag group of young people!

Before they took off for Panama we all headed to LA/OC for two weeks. We had the privilege of hanging out at Freedom Church in Torrance. Pastor Jeremy Anthony hosted our team and set up some dynamite worship times with Nathan Smith and his worship band. Jeremy spoke for two days on prayer, the Holy Spirit, relationships. Dave Beck flew down from Sacramento and spoke for a couple of days. The students loved Dave! He challenged them to live in God’s presence as opposed to living as if He is not around. Dave taught on personal prayer times, and preached powerfully on slowing down and being fully present in the world (buy his book Luminous).

Me and the boys at the Black Bear Diner in Torrance
The day before the students left for outreach we had a powerful time of ministry. Jeremy had challenged the students to seek the Lord as to whether they needed to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. A few of them had decided that they indeed needed it. As we all prayed for them God moved powerfully through our team.

I will be heading out to Panama mid-October to visit the team. In the meantime we are working with some Ships friends trying to raise funds for some of our sailing yachts.

Lisa had an ultrasound whilst in Torrance that was a little troubling. The baby seems healthy. But the placenta appears to be tearing away from Lisa’s uterus. If that were to happen than we would miscarry.  Three doctors gave us three different bits of advice. 1) complete and total bed rest until the baby comes. 2) Pelvic rest. 3) Don’t bother doing anything special whatever happens happens.
As you can imagine that leaves us a little confused as of what to do. Lisa will go to the doctor again on Wednesday, and from that report we should have a better understanding as to what we should do. Prayers are appreciated.

Please pray:
1) For unity for our team in Panama, and for  God to make himself known through them.
2) For our family as we are apart for a week (while I am in Panama).
3)  For Lisa and I to make deep connections with our friends and family while we are home.
4) For the baby in Lisa’s stomach to be safe and healthy.

Thanks and God Bless,
Morgan, Lisa, Samuel, and little baby

Samuel playing the piano at Unlce Ian's wedding  party