Friday, February 27, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

DTS Outreach: Our September quarter DTS recently came back for debrief. Here is a report from our Amazon team: Our team visited a village that has only had missionaries visit one time before. They did house visits daily and held bible studies at night. At one of the bible studies several people re-committed or gave their lives to Jesus for the first time. They had the opportunity to pray for a man with stomach pains. They prayed and God healed him! Then the man's sister gave her life to Jesus, ran next store and told the neighbor what happened, brought her over and she gave her life to the Lord! God is on the move in the Amazon!

Current DTS: The current DTS is also seeing God move powerfully. They are currently receiving teaching on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is ministering powerfully to each student and staff. One of our young staff girls received the baptism of the Holy Spirit! She said she was overwhelmed with the presence of God, and that it felt like a "whirlwind was rushing through [her] body." She aslo spontaneously and uncontrollably began speaking in tongues! Since having this experience she feels more joy filled and free!
Let's praise God for what he is doing in and through our DTS staff and students both on outreach and in lecture. It is such a privilege and honor to be a part of what God is doing in the arena of discipleship and missions!

Bible Course: Preparations are underway for the inductive bible school we are running in April. Myself and a co-worker are trying to re-tool our bible course in such a way that it trains people to be better teachers of the Word, not just students of the word (pray we are effective in this). We currently have several students applying from many different nations. Pray that God would send us the right students.
Sam and Dad with the Mob mobile

SHIPS: There is some stuff in the works in regards to new ships. I can't write much more about that at the moment, but what is coming in could be game changing! Please pray that God releases the replacement vessels for the El Enucentro and the Hawaii Aloha... and even release of more ships.

Pregnancy Center: Lisa has begun volunteering at the local pregnancy center. It is a Christian run center that exists to help girls (some as young as 12...teen pregnancy is a huge problem here) and women through unwanted pregnancies. The focus is on the girl rather than on the unborn baby. Only the girl can make the final decision as to whether to carry or abort and the Center feels that if the girl can see the love of Jesus for her and that she CAN carry the baby, that she has support, her heart can be changed and therefore her mind (from abortion minded to life!). Lisa is helping with administration and counseling the women that come in.

Car: Many of you know that we were fundraising for a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis. Thank you to all who gave towards that. At the last minute our friends decided that they would be returning to the Big Island in September, so they asked if instead of selling the car to us they could simply give it to us to hold onto for them until Septmeber. We thought that sounded like a good idea. We will be putting 100% of the money given to us towards a vehicle of our own (hopefully one a little newer), but for now we are grateful to be riding around in comfort and style!

Baby Boy: Lisa is just about 34 weeks along! Baby Boy is healthy and thriving....SUPER active! Samuel is very excited for his baby brother to arrive and now includes him in all plans for the future. Lisa is scheduled to have a c-section the morning of April 8th, so Baby Boy will be here in no more than 5 weeks and 5 days unless he decides to come earlier as his big brother did.
Thank you so much for reading and praying. Pur prayer for you is that you are filled to the fullness with the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Morgan, Lisa, Samuel, Baby Boy

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