Thursday, March 19, 2015


The Pacific Link
Dear friends and family,
As many of you know the last few months have been very challenging for our ministry. Firstly, we had to de-commission our first vessel, El Encuentro. Then at the beginning of the year our sailing yacht, the Hawaii Aloha, capsized repeatedly and ran aground. In the process one of our crew members and friends, Aaron Bremner, was lost at sea. It has been a trying time for our missions community.
In response to losing Aaron and the Hawaii Aloha, and the El Encuentro, people all around the world began fasting and praying for us. Youth With A Mission globally rallied around us fasting, praying, and giving sacrificially.         A YWAM base in south east Asia gave our ministry thousands of dollars, when they themselves were needing funds for various projects. In fact, we have a stack of money representing different currencies from around the world, which was collected at a YWAM conference on our behalf. The response has been humbling. "How good it is for brothers to dwell in unity."
In the midst of God's people rallying around us in prayer and generous giving God has heard and responded generously!
YWAM Townsville, Australia felt led to give us their ship the MV Pacific Link! It is an amazingly generous gift. The vessel sleeps 50, is set up with a surgery room, and has been ministering in Papua New Guinea for the past 5 years. The ship is oficially ours. In September they will hand it over to us during an all YWAM staff gathering taking place in Townsville, Australia (what are the odds?). I hope to be at that gathering! Following the gathering we will take take the Pacific Link on an outreach.

Praise God with us for his marvelous provision!
(For more information about the gift, feel free to read more about it on this link .)

That is not all.... We have also been given a vessel that will be a replacement for our sailing yacht El Encuentro. A family in Vancouver has generously given us a Grand Banks motor yacht. The yacht is currently in Canada and will head down the west coast of the USA, down through the Panama canal and on to our missions base on the Caribbean side of Panama. The yacht will be the perfect vessel needed to reach the isolated Ngobe Indians.
God has provided marvelously and generously to our ministry. It is never about the boats but about Jesus receiving his glory as we reach out to the people he clearly wants us to reach. We are humbled to be a part of this move of God.

Lisa is 3 weeks away from our second son coming! We are super pumped and we are just about as ready as we will ever be. Lisa has a c-section scheduled for April 8th.  Pray that all goes well with that.
Thank you for all of your prayers and financial giving. We are blessed to be able to a part of this. The next update will most likely include pictures of the newest addition to our family.

Morgan, Lisa, Samuel, and baby man Keach

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