Saturday, July 18, 2015

Unexpected Trip

Friends and Family,

Are you ready to meet this guy?

In the past few years we have learned quite a few spiritual lessons and principles. Sometimes as you press into God for a particular door to open, he surprises you by doing something completely different. The key is that as we press into him in the place of prayer, bible reading, and are open to the leading
and promptings of the Holy Spirit you just never know where He will send you.  
For example: We were praying about going to Australia this summer but we were not making any headway. The biggest hold back on the deal was that Jack's birth certificate still hasn't arrived from Oahu! As we sought God about this, He did somethiong unexpected. He opened another door. Somebody offered to fly us home for several weeks this summer! So, on Wednesday we jumped on a plane and we are in Torrance right now!
We will be home until September 1st before flying back to Kona.
Also, we are blessed to be officially a part of Freedom Church South Bay. Pastor Jeremy Anthony and the Freedom Church leadership team has decided they want to take us on as missionaries. We are super excited about this and looking forward to how God will use this friendship.
Pray as we are home:
1) For a nice time of connecting with friends and family
2) For us to gain some more financial supporters
3) For God's grace and guidance for us as we are home and seeking Him
4) For God to bless our newly cemented relationship with Freedom Church
We look forward to connecting with different ones as we are home. Let's hangout, pray, and reconnect.

Thanks, God Bless, and see you all soon!

Morgan, Lisa, Samuel, and Jack

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