Thursday, August 20, 2015

August Update

Dear Friends and Family,

Lisa and Jack at Rocket ship park
"Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it." 1 Corinthians 9:24

Our time in California has been wonderful thus far. Connecting with friends and family members, enjoying times of worship and prayer with Freedom Chruch. It has been amazing hanging out in Orange County and San Luis Obispo with family. A special shout out to my biggest bro who just bought a house in San Luis Obispo. Pray for them that they have a smooth transition into their new home.
We head back to Hawaii on the 1st. We are running an inductive bible school until the end of the year and as of now we have 10 students. Pray that we are able to get our outreach locations set up (Papaua New Guinea and/or Marshall Islands) and that all of our school planing goes smoothly.
As we are home praying we feel that God is stirring something in our hearts, although we are not quite sure what it is yet! It feels a little like when God first called us to go to Kona and join YWAM. We are feeling the Lord challenge us to pursue Him with all of our hearts and to return to Jesus as our first love by making worship a priority. From that place we believe we will hear clearly what the Father is speaking. Would you pray for us as we pursue God like wild things, and try to figure out what he is doing and saying?
Sammy and Lola: Cousins
Our family has also been battling illness and injury. The boys are close to 100 percent but Lisa is coming up on 2 weeks of sickness (not sure if it is sinuses or just everything catching up to her). Also, I injured my left ankle, so now both ankles are injured and swollen ( I injured my right ankle 3 months ago and it is still sore and a little swollen). Please pray for health and a speedy recovery.

Finally, we are needing some prayer for finances. We are finding ourselves in a financial drought, such as we have never experienced before. This doesn't freak us out, as it once did, it pushes us to that place of prayer to ask God, "Ok Father, whats up? You have our attention." Please pray for breakthrough in this area. Also, please pray about being a part of that breakthrough and partnering with us through financial support.  It's easy! You can give by clicking here:
or if you want to give by check follow the directions on this page (our missions account # is 5638):

Thank you all for reading and praying with us. Our prayer for you guys is that you would continue to run the race as to obtain the prize. Run well!
God Bless,

Morgan, Lisa, Samuel, and Jack