Thursday, January 21, 2016

Medical Missions Underway!

Dear Friends and Family,

Our first outreach with the Pacific Link is underway! We currently have DTS students, healthcare students, dentists, nurses, boat crew, etc. working hard to serve the people of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the Madang province. Time would not suffice to tell of all the miracles, provisions, and divine set ups that has gone into this ministry outreach.

As a ministry, this outreach has been 5 years in the making. Lisa and I have been laboring with these guys for the last three years to see this baby get up and running. There is a real excitement and buzz about our missions base, in Hawaii, as we hear and see the reports from our friends on the field.

I want to share one story from one of our buddies who is assisting with the medical outreach. The story is about God working miraculously through seemingly faulty dentistry equipment:

"When I got back to the ship I found out that the dental water units weren't working. I thought I'd pray for the unit, and tried pressing the button.. Nothing. Dream, one of the DTS students, then said I'll stand with you in prayer and she said in Jesus name water work I pressed the button and for the first time all day water shot out! Everyone in the clinic just laughed, how cool is God! So I went to the other unit, and said Joan... Why don't you pray for this one.. She prayed lord we ask you to help make this work. I pressed the button and boom! Out shot water.... We all were somewhat speechless... And then I realized something that still blows my mind.. The unit that didn't work all day and suddenly works after prayer, WASN'T  EVEN TURNED ON!!!! to clarify this simply one more time, the unit shot out water with no power... Yes I think God is good. "

Lets praise God for what He is doing to bring isolated peoples of PNG much needed medical, and of course the gospel. Also, lets believe God for some of the seemingly impossibilities in our own lives. I can think of a half dozen or so friends that are sick with illnesses, several of which are even terminal. Lets bring these "impossibilities" to the God that makes dentist equipment function without even be turned on.

If you are an eye doctor, a dentist, or a doctor of any kind, a nurse, mid-wife, dental assistant, pray about flying out and joining our crew for an outreach. Go to this link to  check out the dates:

Thank you for praying for us, and the ministry we work alongside. We love you all and are praying that you start out this new year with a greater measure of faith than of the year before.

Morgan, Lisa, Samuel, and Jack

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