Friday, February 19, 2016

Orange County

Dear Friends and Family,

Here at YWAM Ships Kona, it seems that momentum is on our side. We have had an explosion in student enrollment and we are seeing critical crew needs being filled on a weekly basis.  The Pacific Link is chauffeuring students and medical experts to some of the neediest places in Papua New Guinea. We are being offered new vessels all of the time. It is a total ball to be a part of this move of God!

 That being said, Rita, Lisa's mom, has been having some health issues. A few years ago the doctors diagnosed her as having non Hodgkin lymphoma, a variety of leukemia. In 2013 we went home for a few months and were able to pray with her and she got a lot better. Doctors even said that she seemed to be in remission. At the end of 2015 she had a serious fall that seemed to re-trigger the illness. She has gotten to the point where she is unable to work.

Lisa , the boys, and I are planning on heading out to the Orange County, Ca. to be with her and help out. We are currently praying about the length of our stay in OC. As of now we are planning on leaving Hawaii in the middle march. We will plan on going for a few months to assess the situation, pray on the ground in OC, and than from all of this make a decision on what and where we need to be. If we will need to stay in OC than we will decide whether or not we will continue in full time ministry or if its time to move on from that. We are open to God's leading and direction

Please pray for...

1) God to heal Rita,
2) For wisdom on when to go and for how long.
3) For a place to open up for us (Rita's house is too small for all of us to stay at).
4) Wisdom on what to do with our home in Kona.

Also, we will be experiencing some unexpected costs as a result of this.  Would you pray and consider donating money towards our upcoming needs? I'm not totally sure what we will need, but I know for sure we will need around 1,200 for airfare.
or if you want to give by check follow the directions on this page (our missions account # is 5638):

Thank you all for praying. If you get any words from the Lord feel free to send them our way. We serve an amazing God who loves us and cares for us. We are fully trusting for God to work in this situation, as He is at work in every situation.

In Christ,

Morgan, Lisa, Samuel, Jack


  1. Hi Lisa and Morgan -
    I will be lifting Rita up in prayer. I hope I get a chance to visit with you both along the way.

    Love, Maria

  2. we have been praying for rita for many years and asking the God of all flesh to touch and heal her completely. jim and marlene mckane

  3. Thankful you are such a blessing wherever God has you! Praying with you!