Friday, May 27, 2016

May Update

Dear Friends and Family,

We have been in California around 2 months now. We have been living between Torrance and Dana Point.

Rita update: Lisa's mom was in the hospital for two weeks due to her illness. Thankfully the doctors were able to get her in on a medication, or a few, that have helped her out greatly. The fear is that one of the medications may wreck her liver. The doctors say they cannot do much else for her. So either this drug will work and help extend the length and quality of her life, or it will destroy her liver and they will have to take her off of it.
Lisa has been helping organize the ladies of Rita's bible study to help care for her.
Please pray that God would heal Rita!

Update on us: Over the past couple of months we have taken the time to seek the Lord and hear from Him as to what He would have us do for the next season. We have come to the conclusion that we will stay in California. We will be jumping out of ministry with YWAM, and will be seeking God as to what we should be doing. I am currently looking for teaching jobs (I have a credential in California to teach history).
Please be praying for us: We need: a job, some cars, and a place to live!
We are excited to see how this next season unfolds for us. We are trusting God will lead us, provide for us, and continue to use us in the place He is calling us to.
Thanks for reading and praying!

Morgan, Lisa, Samuel, Jack

ps If you would like to help with some costs associated with us moving back to California feel free to at :

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